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There are many long, simple, loose hairstyles which can be created with nothing more than a little hair product. If you want a natural, tousled look, simply towel dry your hair and add a little moistening product or mousse to keep your hair from drying out. Alternatively, you can blow dry your hair on medium to low heat in order to get results more quickly. After your hair is dry, add a touch of hairspray and enjoy the rest of your day!

In this generation, long, loose hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do we see them amongst celebrities, but we commonly see them on college campuses...

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There are many hairstyles available for women. The trick is finding which ones are in style, which ones suit your face, and which ones will suit your lifestyle. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time every morning dealing with your hair, then you will probably want a short, easy to style haircut. Bobs are extremely popular hairstyles. Many celebrities are wearing these styles, and you can have bobs that are short or medium length. It all depends on what you want.

Inverted bobs are great styles for anyone. An inverted bob is exactly what it sounds like. Most bob haircuts are short, no longer than chin length. They taper inward, and the hair ends curl towards the face and neck...

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Hair trends come and go almost as fast as clothing trends. Some trends stick around for years while others are gone in just a matter of weeks. If you like to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends, here is what is hot in 2010.

Sexy Waves

This classic style is as trendy in 2010 as it ever was. The trend here is that you want a fierce look – not gentle and cute. Make sure your waves have lots of volume and that your hair is strong.

Cute Bob

A more rounded bob is an extremely trendy look for 2010. This bob haircut has short bangs that go over the forehead, stopping above the eyebrows, and is cut to be round around the head. It’s a spherical look, and this style is quite short, so it wouldn’t be good for everyone.

Fringe Pixie

This cut takes the traditional pixie cut to a whole new level...

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As your wedding day approaches, you are sure to be a bundle of nerves. Many brides break down under the pressure and just cry for hours while others meticulously plan everything down to the very last grape on the buffet. When you are considering hairstyles, there really isn’t a lot of reason to fret. In fact, the very first thing you should do is choose your own hairstyle. This is because it will help you narrow things down if you decide to choose your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. For example, if you wear your hair up, that narrows their choices to only styles that are down or at most half up.

You are free to allow your bridesmaids to choose their own hairstyles. Just make sure you let them know if your own hair is going to be worn up or down so that they can choose accordingly...

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If you’re planning a wedding, there is no doubt that you’re agonizing over what the perfect hairstyle will be. Every bride wants the biggest day of her life to be perfect, and if your hair isn’t great, your entire day will be thrown off. Here are two great styles for your wedding if you have long hair.

Half Up Curls

This style is great for anyone with medium length or longer hair. If you want to wear your hair down, yet don’t want it in your face, then you should try this style. Curl your hair all the way to the roots. You can use a curling iron or hot rollers. It’s best to do 1.5-inch sections and a large curling iron or large hot rollers for this style, because that will give you the bounciest curls. Pin each section to your scalp as you curl and let them curl...

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