Mandy Moore has given us many looks to choose from over the years. She has gone from cute to sexy and from casual to red carpet very easily and with great style!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle

Mandy has more of a square face shape that is not that easy to style for, but she makes great choices! She also has a nose that is slightly pointy and wide, but it is offset by her wider face and gorgeous cheek bones. These features are often not accentuated in a square shaped face for a woman because she wants her features to appear softer. Mandy has made this an art!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle With Bangs

Mandy’s longer styles generally frame her face and hide her squarer jaw line with rounded edges of layered hair. It creates softer lines on her face that really bring out her feminine qualities. In her medium styles, she has bangs that are side-swept or which are layered around her face to offset the naturally straight edges of her face. And with her longer hair styles, she has graced the red carpet with curly locks of hair that create lots of soft, rounded edges that cover the sides of her face, and fall around or over her face. With these longer looks she presents us with glamour that is very classic and elegant. She is a beautiful example of high fashion at any hair length!

Mandy Moore Pixie Hairstyle

When you are looking for examples of variety in length, color, and style that can work for any face shape (but especially square faces), look to Mandy’s pictures online for inspiration. Your stylist can surely help you get these looks if they know what they are doing!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle


Shaggy hairstyles are making a fast comeback. They started creeping back into the spotlight in 2009, and now in 2010 they are as popular as ever. Many celebs are now starting to wear shags, such as Lisa Rinna. The shag hairstyles may seem messy, but they are classy and sexy. Shags are very easy to maintain, and if you prefer longer hair, you can have a shaggy hairstyle in any length that you want.

Shag hairstyles are perfect for women or men who have busy lives. There is not much styling to do, yet the hairstyles show off a bold, confident, and funky attitude. Many times shag hairstyles are cut in layers, but it depends on the kind of shag that you want how the layers are worked into your hair, and even the types of layers. For example, a sexy short shag will have several layers framing your face with a few more to add volume to the back. The layer that is furthest from the crown of your head is usually the longest and gives a sleek and flowing appearance to your shag.

Lisa Rinna shag haircut style

When you have a shag hairstyle, you have a hairstyle that is very versatile. You can adjust your hairstyle to suit your own personality. Add highlights or lowlights to add shine and some depth to your hairstyle. You can have long strands that will caress your face – this is perfect for a square face, as it minimizes the harshness of the square shape while being extremely pretty and feminine. Lots of volume means that those with fine hair will be able to enjoy fuller looking hair. You can even add extra volume with volumizing hair spray or use gel and slick your hair down for a good office style.


Vanessa Hudgens always dresses classy and cute, and she’s quite the trendsetter for teenage girls. This talented young woman can sing, dance, and act. She is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the popular “High School Musical.” She also has been in other movies, and she has even been on stage in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Vanessa Hudgens Long Wavy Hair

One of her popular styles is one where she has long loose hair that even from a distance looks touchably soft. Her hair is down to just past her shoulders, and the style has a fringe that ends just above eye level. From the ears down the hair is slightly curled. This style would be best for oval, heart, oblong, and round faces, but you could adapt it to suit other shapes such as a square face. It’s simple to do, and is one that you’ll look good in no matter what you wear or where you are.

Vanessa Hudgens Updo Hair

Another popular style Vanessa has worn is a curly updo. In this style, her long hair is pulled up into a loose updo, such as a loose bun, at the back of her head. The front is left loose, and her side bangs help to frame her face. All the loose hair is curled and this style is perfect for more formal affairs, or those times when you want to look nice without overdoing it. It’s perfect for round faces, but would also look good with heart shaped faces. This classy style is easily dressed up with accessories.


The right hairstyle can mean the difference between looking great and looking not so great. Choosing the right hairstyle is every person’s dilemma. But it doesn’t have to be, by knowing the shape of your face; you can correctly choose the style that best suits you. If your face is square, then you should choose hairstyles for square face shape.

The first thing you should know before choosing hairstyles for square shape face is that your face has a strong dominant jaw line. So the idea is to soften those jaw lines. You can soften the sharp edges of the face with muted layers and rounded hairstyles. Try hairstyles that are short to medium length with waves. Having bangs will soften the angular shape. You can try a side-swept fringe worn with long layered waves. Your hair should either be long enough to fall to the tops of the shoulders or if want a shorter hair then it should end either just above or below the jaw line.

Mandy Moore

Try avoiding hairstyles that are long and at the same time straight because they bring out your jawbone. Avoid center partings, straight cut bangs and all one length styles because they simply do not mix well with the shape of your face. Avoid straight bob ending at the jaw line, instead you can go for a layered bob, but it should end above or below the jaw line. Do not forget that in styling you should achieve some roundness and some height at the crown or bangs because it can work wonders.


The first thing to consider when you choose a hairstyle is the shape of your face. There are several face shapes – oval face, round face, square, face, heart and more. If you have a heart face shape you should know the appropriate and inappropriate hairstyles for you. Here are some suggestions on hairstyles for heart face shape.

Heart shaped faces are wide at the temples that narrows to a small chin. Hairstyles for heart face shape are ideally chin-length and longer styles with high levels of texture. You would want your hairstyles to draw attention away from the top width of the face and the narrow bottom half of the face. You should also focus on hairstyles that balance the temples and narrow chin. A chin-length bob would also look great on you as this kind of style brings fullness and balances the narrow chin. You can also try out side-parted hairstyles and side-swept bangs. If you choose to have a longer hairstyle make sure that the hair is contained at the top of the head. The addition of height to the hair visually lessens the width of the face and adds vertical illusion to it.

Eva Longoria Parker

Avoid styles that emphasize the upper part of the face. Short full styles will make you look top heavy. Keep away from styles that have too much height on the crown. This will only make the chin look narrower and longer. Also, avoid full solid heavy bangs. This will make your face look wider than it already is.