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Great Hairstyles for a Round Face

Ladies who have a round face generally do not want to add any additional width to their face. The idea is instead to wear hairstyles that compliment the shape of their face. Shorter hairstyles tend to draw attention on the face, which can make it appear much larger than what it is.

Ladies with a round face should consider a layered look in order to draw attention to the length of the face rather than the width. Generally ladies should opt for hair that falls a little above the shoulders. Bob cuts are one stylish option for ladies. A long asymmetrical cut is one great option. Ladies can have long layers on one side and shorter layers on the other side.

Sienna Miller

One important feature is to make sure that the shorter side does not fall above the chin because this can accentuate a round face...

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Eva Longoria Parker Celebrity Hairstyles 2010, 2011

Eva Longoria Parker Celebrity Hairstyles 2010, 2011

For her fans, Eva Longoria hairstyles and fashion sense come into focus as the sexy star of Desperate Housewives. She has slightly wavy, dark brown hair which she has often worn long and silky, which complement her facial features wonderfully. Her sexy, casual look is a sleek, layered version of her long hairstyle, parted on one side with the layers curving inward to graze the face.

Eva Longoria Parker

Another one of the Eva Longoria hairstyles that uses layering and large soft waves that fall just below her shoulders, this time, this celebrity parted her hair a little off-center using hair color to give the style more light.

Eva Longoria Parker Hair

Eva Longoria haircut styles make fabulous use of the lighter brown shade when styled in a very long and straight hairdo with the s...

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A Hairstyle to Match Your Life Style

A lot of women seem to have a hard time changing their hair styles. For some reason, whether it is that they are used to it or they can’t imagine looking..Read More

Long Luscious Locks for a Lengthy Hairstyle

Long Straight Hair

Some women really like long hair. Some women’s hair is really long like way down their back. It is kind of difficult to really style really long hair. It generally is allowed to just hang down the back or is pulled into a pony tail or long braid. It can also be wrapped up around the head or in some form of up style. All too often that long of hair tends to be somewhat stringy. But if the woman likes it so be it.

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You may know  from appearances on a variety of television shows and feature films. However, you may have also noticed that her personal hairstyle is constantly changing. Although Moennig successfully changes her look on what seems to be a yearly basis, she always continues to sport a sexy and chic androgynous look. Kate Moennig shows us how to turn androgyny into hyper-femininity, and she shows us just how chic an andro hair cut can be.

If you want to try out a haircut like Kate Moennig, you should first take your facial structure into account. While square-shaped faces work best with very short hair, those with oval faces can also pull the look off successfully...

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