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So what’s new for the summer of 2010? It is time to get a new hairstyle which can beat the heat. For women who want to keep their hair short have many options to choose from. Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba have all been noticed sporting bangs. Women can now confidently brush their bangs in different directions like the side-swept or front down. Bangs are common for all lengths of hair and add a bit of style to different personalities.

Summer is hot with bob. The bob cut can be called as the latest attraction for both men and women. There are different bob cuts for different lengths of hair. Some of them suit certain faces while there are some styles which suit all kinds of faces as well. Depending on your personal choice you can choose your favorite bob.

Some celebrities like Eva La...

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Next time you visit your stylist, why not dare to try something new? An increasing number of women are deciding to try out pixie haircuts. If you’ve never had a pixie cut before, then this is definitely the summer to make a change.

Not only are short haircuts fun and sassy, but they are also extremely easy to maintain. Imagine waking up in the morning only to realize that you don’t have to spend a half hour or more drying and styling your hair. Instead, you can use that extra time before work to have a cup of coffee and watch the morning news in peace. By adding that extra time, you can make a huge difference in the overall flow of your day...

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Short hair trends 2010


In the fashion world, trends come and go with the change of the seasons; sometimes even with the changing months. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends, but there are some that will be trendy all year long. 1960s mod bobs are one of the biggest inspirations for trendy hairstyles in 2010. Yes, the old styles are making a fast comeback. That’s to that, the short trendy hairstyles for women will be shorter and cuter. Styles will often have layers and bangs, while you can still easily choose hairstyles that were popular in 2009, like pixie cuts.

Trendy Short Hairstyles Summer 2010 Trends

Short Hairstyle Trends 2010Short Hair

If you have the confidence and the right facial structure, you can get a pixie cut. These short haircuts are great for women who are not afraid to show their faces to...

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Actress Halle Berry is well known and well loved. This beautiful and talented star has worldwide fame, and there are many who try to emulate her. She always looks put together and is always stylish. Her hairstyles are great, and whether you wear your hair long or short, there is a Halle Berry style that you could easily get and love wearing.

One of her newest styles is a cute, short pixie style. This style would look very flattering on women who have facial structures similar to what Halle has, but it probably wouldn’t be all that flattering on women who have round faces. This hairstyle is cut in very short layers and is shaped around the ears. The bangs are styled with gel to stick up slightly and angle off the forehead...

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When you are searching for a brand new hairstyle, you should always make sure that you are keeping up on what is the latest haircuts. There is nothing worse than getting a great haircut only find out that what you actually got is out of style, and has been for months. 2010 is bringing a lot of changes and fresh new looks to the hairstyle world, but it’s also welcoming back some old favorites.

Best Hairdo 2010

Long hair is very much in style in 2010, despite the naysayers who claimed that long hair would be next to non-existent. If your hair is long, there are literally hundreds of hairstyles that you can choose from. One of the most popular for 2010 is wavy hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, then all you have to do is wash, condition, and bring out your waves...

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