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Melanie Brown prom hair 2010


Aside from her own wedding, prom is probably the most stressful time for a girl where clothes and hairstyles are concerned. Girls spend months sometimes trying to find the perfect dress and then decide on the perfect prom hairstyle. It becomes much simpler if you remember one simple rule – pick your dress, then pick your hairstyle. This way, you can choose a dress that you really like, and then you can simply narrow down your hairstyles to ones that will suit your dress, rather than spending hours deciding only to change your mind when you buy your dress.

Jessica Simpson Prom Hair Idea

Jessica Simpson Prom Hair Idea

If you have long hair, the possibilities are endless for your hairstyles...

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Japan Hairstyles Trends

When you think of Japanese hairstyles you would probably think about straight black hair that is often very long for both the men and women. Over the years, people have started to break away from the norm and be a bit more creative. Japanese hairstyle trends are changing in a big way.

Most aspects of fashion have some kind of driving force, and when it comes to Japanese hairstyles trends, anime is definitely the inspiration. These hairstyles are cute, and often closely resemble that of the anime characters. They are copied in both style and color, which is definitely a big step away from the norm. Many people are using it to reflect their personalities and show that they are fun and exciting.

The trends for women these days is a bob cut as opposed to the long flowing locks...

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Long Hair Trends

Wavy Hairdo

No matter how popular short or medium hair is, there will always be those who love long hair, and there are plenty of trends to keep you busy. Long hair does require more time to take care of and to style, but there are many styles that you can do with long hair that you can’t do with anything else.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Long Hair with Bangs


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Spunky Hair 2010

Hairstyles range from sweet, playful, romantic to spunky and wild. Hairstyles are great ways to make statements and say a lot about your personality. Here are a couple styles to try for spunky looks.

Short HairEasy Short Hair 2010

The Razor Cut

Razor cuts are very trendy, modern styles that are easy to care for. You only need your fingers, mousse, and a flat iron to keep this style under control. Make sure that you have a pro do your hair because this style uses a very sharp razor to give you the blunt and wild locks. This daring style can be cut so that layers go in one direction or in many, depending on you. Check out Katie Holmes and Rhianna’s hairstyles for examples.

Straight Medium Short 2010 Hair

The Bob

Bobs have been around for literally years and have been updated for a more modern look...

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Alyssa Milano Hair

There are many who love Alyssa Milano, not just for her incredible beauty and fashion sense, but also for her many great roles and her lovely personality. Alyssa made her first debut into the world of television in commercials. Her first role was in a musical at the age of 8, and since then, she has been in many television shows. She’s best known for her roles in “Who’s The Boss” and the hit show “Charmed” as the beloved Phoebe.

Alyssa Milano’s Long Layered Wavy Hair

Alyssa Milano Long Wavy Hair

One of Alyssa’s most popular styles is a long, layered style that is both formal and classy. It’s a style that easily transitions from day to night, and looks great on most women. This style has layers that are evenly distributed all around, and parted in the center. Long bangs are then styled back on both s...

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