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If you are constantly imagining what you might look like with a short, sassy hairstyle, then maybe your next trip to the salon should be the one in which you make a transformation! With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to shake things up. Short hair may be just the thing you need to rock out a new look during those scorching summer months. A gorgeous, short hairstyle exists for every face shape and size.

There are hundreds of options available for your new look. You might consider getting a trendy bob which hits directly below the ears, or you might want to really rock it out with an asymmetrical buzz to show off your artist within. Whichever new do you decide to choose; it will surely reflect your personality as well as accentuate the features on your face...

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British model Katie Price is a beautiful woman, she currently resides in England and can be seen on several different TV shows. She also helps with charities, has written children’s books, and is one of the few models who is not ashamed to have a real, healthy body instead of the stick thin figure that so many of them have.

Katie Price Updo Hair

Katie Price Hair

Always beautiful, Katie’s hairstyles are copied by women all over the world. One popular look is where she has medium length hair that is parted in the middle. Her hair is cut into layers and these are allowed to frame her face. This style is suitable for any woman, not just a model, and you can change the look by where you part your hair and how you handle your bangs. Add a pretty clip to give your hair even more personality...

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Teenage girls are not the only ones interested in looking great. Teen boys also love to have good haircuts, and there is no shortage of hairstyles available to teenage boys. The best haircut is one that suit’s the teen’s personality. If he is edgy and exciting, he won’t want a boring hairstyle, and he shouldn’t have to have one. There are hairstyles that require very little maintanence and others that require quite a lot of time. It depends entirely upon the teen boy who is wearing it.

Short hairstyles are still the most popular styles for teenage boys. Short styles are very practical, and they are extremely easy to maintain. Many teen boys are in a hurry to get wherever they are going, and short styles are often just wash and wear...

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Reality television mom Kate Gosselin has certainly been in the news a lot. It was no surprise that she decided to go and get a new hairstyle after the chaos she has been through. Many women decide to get a new haircut after finding out their husbands cheated on them, and after all that and a divorce she deserved a new hairstyle.

In January Kate debuted a style where she had extensions. Everyone has gotten use to Kate’s short style so seeing her with beautiful long hair came as a shock to many. Yet Kate looked fantastic. Her extensions took her hair down past her shoulders while her bangs were cut to just above her eyebrows. Her hair was parted on the side, with her bangs swept across her forehead. The look was very flattering but didn’t seem to suit Kate’s personality...

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Shaggy hairstyles are making a fast comeback. They started creeping back into the spotlight in 2009, and now in 2010 they are as popular as ever. Many celebs are now starting to wear shags, such as Lisa Rinna. The shag hairstyles may seem messy, but they are classy and sexy. Shags are very easy to maintain, and if you prefer longer hair, you can have a shaggy hairstyle in any length that you want.

Shag hairstyles are perfect for women or men who have busy lives. There is not much styling to do, yet the hairstyles show off a bold, confident, and funky attitude. Many times shag hairstyles are cut in layers, but it depends on the kind of shag that you want how the layers are worked into your hair, and even the types of layers...

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