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Simple Elegant Hairstyles

The hair style you opt usually changes from one occasion to the other. It is ideal for a women to adept the right hairstyle for the right occasion. If its prom night you definitely will prefer something pomp and glamorous something fresh and sexy but f it’s a formal dinner you would rather go for straight hair or something simple and decent. Your looks will decide your personality and consider them your hallmark. From dressing to the makeover, the most important amongst them is your hair style. It can change entirely the way you appear.

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle, October 2010

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle October 2010

The first thing to perform for a formal look is which hair cut to use. You dress can really help moreover the best option is to go for a cut that fits you face features and cuts...

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Style Your Hair Casualy

What kind of style would you like to choose for your hair? The answer can be simple as well as difficult. In case you like one time too many, then probably you could end up being confused about making the right choice. But still, you have many options and each time you cut your hair and trim it to a certain length then you may have to wait for it to grow for a couple of months to experiment on something new.

Fanny Lu

Casual Wavy Hair, Summer Fall 2010

Jessica Biel Hair 2010

So why not try the different styles if you are not able to make up your mind. Certainly, most of them look exotic and attractive. Both men and women have a range of options to select from and they can be confident enough to experiment as each haircut is focused on creating good amount of attention from onlookers...

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Hair needs to be properly cut and shaped to highlight your best facial features. People with thin hair are often bothered...Read More


Jessica Clark


You may know world renowned fashion model, Jessica Clark, from her work in commercial ads or runway. If you have ever seen Clark in action, it is likely that you will remember her long, dark, silky locks. While being relatively low maintenance, Clark’s long locks are chic and casual all at the same time. If you have long hair, but you can’t quite figure out how to give it the silky shine that Clark has, you should consider implanting the following hair care techniques:

First, it is important to keep your hair healthy. Once your hair begins to dry out, breakage will inevitably occur. You can do this by:
1. Limiting your time in the sun. Too much exposure to the sun can seriously dry out your hair.

2. Use a high quality conditioner in order to keep your hair hy...

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Hannah Storm


If you are looking to reinvent yourself or try something new and exciting, you might consider altering the length of your hairstyle. Changing hairstyle length can be a fantastic way of altering the overall look and perceived personality of a person. A short, pixie-style haircut is likely to immediately make you appear more sophisticated, distinguished, and sassy. A long-length cut, on the other hand, suggests passiveness and charm. A hairstyle can say quite a bit about an individual’s personality, which is why so many people begin major life changed with a drastic hair cut.

Leslie Kritzer

Furthermore, hairstyle lengths are prone to change depending on what season you are in. During wedding season, long hair may be ideal for updos...

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