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One of the most beloved actresses is Drew Barrymore. She is always glamorous, and many love her simple and classy style. She first made her debut in 1982’s “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and has been in many movies since then, including “Charlie’s Angels” and “Batman Forever.” Her hairstyles are easy to mimic and leave any woman looking as beautiful as she can be.

Drew Barrymore

A beautiful and popular style Drew has worn is a long, tousled, curly hairstyle. This style leaves a lot of possibilities wide open, because it can easily become an updo, braid, or just about anything else you can think of. In this style, Drew wears her hair all one length. Her long bangs are styled to fall over one side of her face and then tucked behind the ears...

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Jessica Alba Wavy Hairstyles


Jessica Alba has been in nearly 20 movies. She gained a huge fan base when she played in the hit television show, “Dark Angel”. She does a lot of charity work, and is seen by many as a caring, down to earth woman. Jessica Alba has a lot of charm, and she is always very well dressed. Her hair is always perfect for the occasion, and she has always looked great.

Jessica Alba’s Latest Trendy Hair

Jessica Alba's Latest Hair

A popular style that Jessica has worn is a medium length layered cut. This hairstyle is well suited to her face, and is perfect for anyone with oval, round, or heart shaped faces. In this style, Jessica has her hair layered and her bangs are long. She parts her hair in the middle, sweeping her bangs to either side to frame her face...

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Alyssa Milano Hair

There are many who love Alyssa Milano, not just for her incredible beauty and fashion sense, but also for her many great roles and her lovely personality. Alyssa made her first debut into the world of television in commercials. Her first role was in a musical at the age of 8, and since then, she has been in many television shows. She’s best known for her roles in “Who’s The Boss” and the hit show “Charmed” as the beloved Phoebe.

Alyssa Milano’s Long Layered Wavy Hair

Alyssa Milano Long Wavy Hair

One of Alyssa’s most popular styles is a long, layered style that is both formal and classy. It’s a style that easily transitions from day to night, and looks great on most women. This style has layers that are evenly distributed all around, and parted in the center. Long bangs are then styled back on both s...

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Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel has been all over the big screen and television, so she is definitely a household name. She is constantly complimented for her great style, particularly when it comes to her hair. You too can have the stunning Jessica Biel hairstyle in a few steps.

Jessica Biel Fringe Hairstyle

Jessica Biel Hair

The Jessica Biel hairstyle is shoulder length and features layers for texture and soft curls to add body. This style is perfect for women who have a diamond shaped face, as the layers in the mid-length will add more shape. To start, apply a bit of styling mousse or sculpture lotion to make sure that the style stays in place. Part your hair in the middle, using your nose as a guide. When it comes to blow-drying, use a paddle brush to smooth out the hair.

Jessica Bie...

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