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When you are searching for a brand new hairstyle, you should always make sure that you are keeping up on what is the latest haircuts. There is nothing worse than getting a great haircut only find out that what you actually got is out of style, and has been for months. 2010 is bringing a lot of changes and fresh new looks to the hairstyle world, but it’s also welcoming back some old favorites.

Best Hairdo 2010

Long hair is very much in style in 2010, despite the naysayers who claimed that long hair would be next to non-existent. If your hair is long, there are literally hundreds of hairstyles that you can choose from. One of the most popular for 2010 is wavy hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, then all you have to do is wash, condition, and bring out your waves...

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Cheryl Cole is a beautiful woman who is no stranger to public scrutiny. She understands that being in the public eye will mean that she’ll always face the fashion critics who are waiting in the wings. However, many people agree that Cheryl has absolutely beautiful hairstyles, and she always looks sexy no matter what she is doing.

Cheryl Cole’s Long Locks

In one of her beautiful styles, she wears curls that go past her shoulders in flowing ringlets. If you desperately want this style, but your hair is much too short, then you can get extensions. Cheryl herself has gotten extensions, in order to get extra body in her hair...

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Anyone who has a round face will tell you – not every hairstyle works. Those with round faces have to be careful when they select a new hairstyle or they could end up looking much heavier than they actually are. Round faces are very pretty, and the perfect hairstyle highlights the round face and makes it even prettier, without accentuating the roundness.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a new hairstyle with a round face is the cut of the hair. Super short styles look great on round faces. A pixie cut can be a good idea, but only if there are some short, spiky layers that will draw attention away from the face. Otherwise, a pixie cut will make a round face look rounder and heavier than it actually is...

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Perm is short for permanent wave. A perm is a way to get curly hair without having to do daily heat treatments using hot rollers or curling irons, or going to bed with your hair in rollers. Back in the 1980s, perms were extremely popular, especially ones that had tight curls. Today, perm styles are versatile and you can find one that will suit your personality with little trouble. Perms last 4-6 months, which means a lot of freed up time for women who want to have curly hair but don’t want to have to spend hours curling their hair.

Spiral perms are very much in style for 2010. These perms give a very curly look, without having to spend every morning risking a burn from the curling iron...

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Side bangs are becoming extremely popular. These sexy bangs suit any length hair, and are especially good for those who have oval or heart-shaped faces. Side bangs are not full bangs. They are fringes that can be long or short, but are always angled across the forehead and down the side of the face. It’s a great look for any woman.

Celebrities such as Jennie Garth wear side swept bangs. Jennie wears a shoulder length hairstyle in large waves, which help to show off the layers in her hair. It also helps to keep her hair soft all over. She added side swept bangs which looked sexy and were the perfect complement to her look. If you want to have this same style, have you hair cut in layers. Medium and longer hair is what you need for this style...

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