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Tips for Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle

Tips for Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle

This winter is all about choppy, or blunt cut bangs and short, cropped locks, and a variety of other short hairstyles. So the question is—how do you stay warm while sporting your new, cute hairdo, especially if you aren’t used to having your hair cut so short.

Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle During Cold Winter Months

Short Hair 2011

1. Get a hat. A good, warm hat should not only cover your head, but it should also cover at least the tops of your ears. Make sure that the hat doesn’t have a bunch of holes or other ways for air to get in and chill you.

Keep Warm During Cold Winter

2. Earmuffs could be a good idea if you have ears that get cold easily, or especially if you have stretched lobes that you are wearing jewelry in for that day...

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Simple Elegant Hairstyles

The hair style you opt usually changes from one occasion to the other. It is ideal for a women to adept the right hairstyle for the right occasion. If its prom night you definitely will prefer something pomp and glamorous something fresh and sexy but f it’s a formal dinner you would rather go for straight hair or something simple and decent. Your looks will decide your personality and consider them your hallmark. From dressing to the makeover, the most important amongst them is your hair style. It can change entirely the way you appear.

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle, October 2010

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle October 2010

The first thing to perform for a formal look is which hair cut to use. You dress can really help moreover the best option is to go for a cut that fits you face features and cuts...

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Eva Longoria Parker Celebrity Hairstyles 2010, 2011

Eva Longoria Parker Celebrity Hairstyles 2010, 2011

For her fans, Eva Longoria hairstyles and fashion sense come into focus as the sexy star of Desperate Housewives. She has slightly wavy, dark brown hair which she has often worn long and silky, which complement her facial features wonderfully. Her sexy, casual look is a sleek, layered version of her long hairstyle, parted on one side with the layers curving inward to graze the face.

Eva Longoria Parker

Another one of the Eva Longoria hairstyles that uses layering and large soft waves that fall just below her shoulders, this time, this celebrity parted her hair a little off-center using hair color to give the style more light.

Eva Longoria Parker Hair

Eva Longoria haircut styles make fabulous use of the lighter brown shade when styled in a very long and straight hairdo with the s...

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Pretty as a Picture Hair Styles for the Holidays

Pretty as a Picture Hair Styles for the Holidays

As fall comes closer, it is time to start thinking about the holidays. Maybe this year you are thinking you would like to change your hair style just for the holidays. Fall is not too early to do something about this decision.

If you plan to completely redo you hair style then it may take a few months for your hair to grow into your new style. Perhaps you have longer hair and you are t

Trendy Hairdo For Holidays 2010

hinking about getting a shorter cut. Maybe a shoulder length cut may be the solution.

Now you can do this two ways. You can make several trips to the hair salon and get it cut shorter each trip, or you can get it whacked off all at once.

Simple Short Blond Hair For Holidays

Simple Hairstyle For HolidaysExtra Short Blond Hair

Either way, you are making a change to your personal style and it may take some adj...

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In this day and age, it is important to have a classy hairdo regardless of what your occasion might be. After all, you never know if your new boss plans on shopping at your local supermarket on any given day. Therefore it’s important to be prepared for whatever might come along. There is an array very popular 2010 simple elegant hairstyles for all occasions, many of which you might see on your favorite celebrity.

Natalie Imbruglia Simple Hairstyle

One popular option, which looks fantastic for all occasions, includes the simple, half updo. These hairstyles are easy to create, and can be even more fun to manipulate! All you have to do is put the top half of your hair up, while letting the rest hang loose. After this accomplished, you can add your favorite clips for decoration...

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