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Are There Really Any Hair Fashion Rules?

Are There Really Any Hair Fashion Rules?

As with clothing fashion, hair fashion can be a confusing mess to think about. Warm colorings in the summer, cool ones in the winter, accessorizing, taming, styling, and designing hair can be overwhelming – and what about those hair rules everyone keeps talking about? The truth is that the reality of hair fashion rules is half and half. There are some “rules” that pretty much apply to everyone, but otherwise they do not exist.

Alexandra Ella - Hair Fashion

Grooming yourself is a universal rule of hair fashion. Whether you have hair to your lower back or a buzz cut, it is non-negotiable that your hair be clean and well-groomed...

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Short vs. Long Haircuts

It’s the classic battle of the lengths. In men and women alike, the choice between a short and a long haircut can be devastatingly painful to make.Read More



Wavy hair can be a pain in the rear end at times. It isn’t quite straight, isn’t quite curly, and it isn’t quite straight. It’s the confusing type of hair that looks neat and pretty, but on the other hand it can be so bad that you cringe when you walk ten steps because you know that you’re going to end up with ten or

Amber Borycki Wavy Hair

The first solution is a haircut. If you want to make your mane more manageable, you might want to try to cut it short. First of all, keep in mind that your hair needs to be maintained if it is cut shorter. If you do not maintain it, then once it get a bit of length to it, it may start to curl up in all sorts of weird ways that won’t look all that attractive...

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Style Your Hair Casualy

What kind of style would you like to choose for your hair? The answer can be simple as well as difficult. In case you like one time too many, then probably you could end up being confused about making the right choice. But still, you have many options and each time you cut your hair and trim it to a certain length then you may have to wait for it to grow for a couple of months to experiment on something new.

Fanny Lu

Casual Wavy Hair, Summer Fall 2010

Jessica Biel Hair 2010

So why not try the different styles if you are not able to make up your mind. Certainly, most of them look exotic and attractive. Both men and women have a range of options to select from and they can be confident enough to experiment as each haircut is focused on creating good amount of attention from onlookers...

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You may know  from appearances on a variety of television shows and feature films. However, you may have also noticed that her personal hairstyle is constantly changing. Although Moennig successfully changes her look on what seems to be a yearly basis, she always continues to sport a sexy and chic androgynous look. Kate Moennig shows us how to turn androgyny into hyper-femininity, and she shows us just how chic an andro hair cut can be.

If you want to try out a haircut like Kate Moennig, you should first take your facial structure into account. While square-shaped faces work best with very short hair, those with oval faces can also pull the look off successfully...

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