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Short Hairstyles for Older Ladies

Short Hairstyles for Older Ladies

Short haircuts need not be a thing only for young women and girls, even older women can look gorgeous in short hair. Add to that the added benefits of having an easy to maintain hair really helps, thereby saving a few minutes every day. This also helps you cut off a few years from your visible age by looking younger and cute.

This can be done by asking your hair stylist to cut your hairs everywhere to around 2 to 3 inches long. Then the necessary gels and waxes can be applied and the hair can be texturized to achieve the desired kind of look. You can also tease the hair at the crown to obtain that extra volume if desired...

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Having curly hair can be a pain in the rear. Sure, you see all the stars with their hopelessly immaculate curls that look sooo adorable..Read More


Miley Cyrus, one of Disney’s princesses, and very much well-known for her role as Hannah Montana. She has gained a lot of praises, as well as, criticisms.Read More


A job interview is one of the most stressful things for any girl. You don’t have to worry just about answering the interviewer’s questions – you also have to worry about your shoes, your behavior, your clothes, and your hair. Here are some ideas for great hairstyles that will take the worry out of your job interview. Make sure you get a trim to keep frizz to a minimum before you try any style!

Try wearing a chignon if you are not overly handy at styling your hair, or you just would prefer an attractive updo. This is a very easy style to do that looks like you spent hours on your hair. Simply pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic that is hair-friendly and the same color as your hair. Twirl the whole thing around the ponytail’s base and just secure with hairpins...

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Shaggy hairstyles are making a fast comeback. They started creeping back into the spotlight in 2009, and now in 2010 they are as popular as ever. Many celebs are now starting to wear shags, such as Lisa Rinna. The shag hairstyles may seem messy, but they are classy and sexy. Shags are very easy to maintain, and if you prefer longer hair, you can have a shaggy hairstyle in any length that you want.

Shag hairstyles are perfect for women or men who have busy lives. There is not much styling to do, yet the hairstyles show off a bold, confident, and funky attitude. Many times shag hairstyles are cut in layers, but it depends on the kind of shag that you want how the layers are worked into your hair, and even the types of layers...

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