One of the most attractive looking hairstyles if anyone can enjoy is the shag cut. The hair is so beautifully cut in different layers and as it moves up the hair gets shorter on the crown. If you want to do it yourself you can, with the assistance of somebody. The shag haircut can surely turn a lot of eyes on you and win you many secret admirers.

The shag haircut can be found common in both men and women and it is suited to short, medium and long haircuts. So men and women can try the shag in different ways except that it should look more suited to the gender.

Just look at your

self in the mirror and decide what length of hair you would like to maintain. Some faces may look smart and handsome with the short shag while others may look better with the long shag.


In case your friend is going to do the shag for you, then he/she must be careful enough to start using the razor in small bits so they haven’t cut too much to make the shag a disaster. The hair around the crown area is cut short enough while moving down the sides and backside of the head, the strands are kept longer. This is how the hair is cut in layers.

To have good looking shag it is vital that one has grown his/her hair properly. You need a good amount of hair length for trimming it in layers to achieve this hairstyle. The hair on top stands up when cut short compared to the layers which are longer. The standing hair adds to the beauty of this hairstyle. Men who want to keep bangs can keep them covering their forehead or even have them cut off depending upon personal choices.



Mandy Moore has given us many looks to choose from over the years. She has gone from cute to sexy and from casual to red carpet very easily and with great style!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle

Mandy has more of a square face shape that is not that easy to style for, but she makes great choices! She also has a nose that is slightly pointy and wide, but it is offset by her wider face and gorgeous cheek bones. These features are often not accentuated in a square shaped face for a woman because she wants her features to appear softer. Mandy has made this an art!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle With Bangs

Mandy’s longer styles generally frame her face and hide her squarer jaw line with rounded edges of layered hair. It creates softer lines on her face that really bring out her feminine qualities. In her medium styles, she has bangs that are side-swept or which are layered around her face to offset the naturally straight edges of her face. And with her longer hair styles, she has graced the red carpet with curly locks of hair that create lots of soft, rounded edges that cover the sides of her face, and fall around or over her face. With these longer looks she presents us with glamour that is very classic and elegant. She is a beautiful example of high fashion at any hair length!

Mandy Moore Pixie Hairstyle

When you are looking for examples of variety in length, color, and style that can work for any face shape (but especially square faces), look to Mandy’s pictures online for inspiration. Your stylist can surely help you get these looks if they know what they are doing!

Mandy Moore Hairstyle


Hannah Storm


If you are looking to reinvent yourself or try something new and exciting, you might consider altering the length of your hairstyle. Changing hairstyle length can be a fantastic way of altering the overall look and perceived personality of a person. A short, pixie-style haircut is likely to immediately make you appear more sophisticated, distinguished, and sassy. A long-length cut, on the other hand, suggests passiveness and charm. A hairstyle can say quite a bit about an individual’s personality, which is why so many people begin major life changed with a drastic hair cut.

Leslie Kritzer

Furthermore, hairstyle lengths are prone to change depending on what season you are in. During wedding season, long hair may be ideal for updos. However, many people choose to have short hair during the warm months because it helps keep them feeling cooler. Additionally, short hair is relatively low maintenance, so if you’re always in the go, a shorter hairstyle may be right for you.

Erin Mackey

Whether you decide to go with long or short hair, your decision is easily reversible. If you currently have short hair but miss sporting your long locks, you might consider hair extensions or a full on weave. These hair pieces can be put in by your hairdresser, and are a great way of extending your hair length. We often see celebrities who have received hair weaves in order to play characters in television and movies. This option is also fantastic for those who are too impatient to wait for their natural hair to grow back out.

Natalie Imbruglia


Drew Barrymore hair


Drew Barrymore is a talented actress that is known for choosing a fabulous curly look for her appearances on the red carpet. To make this style work well, she has the entire length of her hair trimmed to her shoulders. This is the secret to having the defined, shapely layers that create those wonderful round shaped curls. A lot of women with naturally curly hair simply adore this style and women with straight hair can recreate this look with a little help from a curling iron. This is a great style that is flexible enough for any occasion.

Drew Barrymore Hair

Drew Barrymore hair

Another style that Drew Barrymore has worn with great success is a shoulder length bob that was full of beautiful soft waves that added volume and shape making it an all-out glamorous style. Drew Barrymore also has several casual hairdos. Starting with a simple bob, the layers were cut at sharp angles around the side and back sections. This created a hairstyle that really worked well with her beautiful waves.

Drew Barrymore Hair

Drew Barrymore hair

The sexy up style Drew Barrymore wears has a lot of charm and style. She first pulls up her hair high and then wraps it around the head to end at the highest point above her crown. Of all of her styles, it is the wavy hairstyles of Drew Barrymore that are the most duplicated. She trims her hair length and styles it to shoulder level, layering the hair to create extra definition to the natural wave and bounce of the hair.


Latest Hairstyles Trends for Winter

Winter 2010 offers you a prospect to have different hairstyles to go with the changing season. A stylish hairstyle for this winter includes the add-on of bold bangs. With its appeal, a lot of women can be seen with straight, thick and blunt bangs. These suit almost every kind of facial shape and hair length. Although side swept bangs remain famous, the blunt bangs will definitely stand out this season.


Trendy Fringe Hair 2010

Straight Medium Short 2010 Hair

2010 Hair Idea

If you have short hair, you do not need to worry about growing your hair fast as it is in style this season. You can have your hair cut to a shaggy pixie or an inverted bob. If your long hair needs cutting, go for the style that best fits your facial shape. Short hair absolutely rocks winter 2010. It give emphasis to your facial features and can make you look younger.

Sexy Bob Hairstyle 2010

Bob Hair With Bangs 2010

With people who like it long, have your hair fashioned with long layers. Layered hair presents a more feminine side and considered sexy for some men. There will be no need to battle with your straightening iron when your hair would not simply follow what you want.

Long Hair With Bangs 2010

Long Sexy Hair 2010

The hair colors to have this winter 2010 are intensified natural hues. This involves dying your hair with highlights, lowlights and gloss enhancers when you are brunette, blonde and other hair colors. Even the dullest hair color you know can be jazzed up with the right application of highlights. Be careful not to overdo it though if you do not want to end up having a bad hairstyle.

Trendy Fringe 2010

2010 Trendy Winter Hair