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British model Katie Price is a beautiful woman, she currently resides in England and can be seen on several different TV shows. She also helps with charities, has written children’s books, and is one of the few models who is not ashamed to have a real, healthy body instead of the stick thin figure that so many of them have.

Katie Price Updo Hair

Katie Price Hair

Always beautiful, Katie’s hairstyles are copied by women all over the world. One popular look is where she has medium length hair that is parted in the middle. Her hair is cut into layers and these are allowed to frame her face. This style is suitable for any woman, not just a model, and you can change the look by where you part your hair and how you handle your bangs. Add a pretty clip to give your hair even more personality...

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Megan Fox is the envy of women everywhere. She’s beautiful, talented, and has hair to die for. The Transformers star is a natural beauty but you make that beauty your own with these simple steps.

Wash your hair as usual, using color safe conditioner and shampoo if you need it. To help bring out your hair color, try a color hair mask that suits your color.

To promote shine, rinse your hair in cool water and then just towel blot. You’ll break your hair and tangle it if you rub roughly. Add defrizzer, and a volume building mousse or gel to help control your hair all day. Use what your hair requires!

Megan Fox

Blow dry your hair and use a round bristle brush. Starting at the roots, work your way to the ends of your hair to keep it smooth and shiny...

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Women aren’t the only ones who want hair that is sexy and trendy. For men who want a great style, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is a great choice to look to. Simply tell the hairdresser you want a haircut like Ronaldo and they will know exactly what you mean. Even so, take a picture so they know which cut you want.

One very popular style Cristiano wears is a short, spiky cut. This is for you if you like short hair but want a modern twist to the basic short cut. Have your hair layered and you’ll find it has more volume and will allow you to easily dress your hair up or down. Use gel to make the spikes and apply with your fingers. This easy look is wonderful on most men.

Cristiano Ronaldo hair

The second very popular style is a razor cut...

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A job interview is one of the most stressful things for any girl. You don’t have to worry just about answering the interviewer’s questions – you also have to worry about your shoes, your behavior, your clothes, and your hair. Here are some ideas for great hairstyles that will take the worry out of your job interview. Make sure you get a trim to keep frizz to a minimum before you try any style!

Try wearing a chignon if you are not overly handy at styling your hair, or you just would prefer an attractive updo. This is a very easy style to do that looks like you spent hours on your hair. Simply pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic that is hair-friendly and the same color as your hair. Twirl the whole thing around the ponytail’s base and just secure with hairpins...

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When you are searching for a brand new hairstyle, you should always make sure that you are keeping up on what is the latest haircuts. There is nothing worse than getting a great haircut only find out that what you actually got is out of style, and has been for months. 2010 is bringing a lot of changes and fresh new looks to the hairstyle world, but it’s also welcoming back some old favorites.

Best Hairdo 2010

Long hair is very much in style in 2010, despite the naysayers who claimed that long hair would be next to non-existent. If your hair is long, there are literally hundreds of hairstyles that you can choose from. One of the most popular for 2010 is wavy hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, then all you have to do is wash, condition, and bring out your waves...

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