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Born December 4, 1973, Tyra Banks is a woman who has greatly influenced the world of fashion and young women everywhere. For a long time she was a professional model. Now she has “The Tyra Banks Show” and she also does a show called “America’s Next Top Model” where she helps young women who want to break into the modeling world do just that. Confident and beautiful, she is always stylish and classy.

One of Tyra’s most popular hairstyles is one where she wears her hair perfectly sleek and straight. This style has quickly caught on and is emulated by many women. Her hair is long and straight, parted on the side, and falls along the sides of her face. To get hair like this, just use a flat iron...

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Vanessa Hudgens always dresses classy and cute, and she’s quite the trendsetter for teenage girls. This talented young woman can sing, dance, and act. She is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the popular “High School Musical.” She also has been in other movies, and she has even been on stage in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Vanessa Hudgens Long Wavy Hair

One of her popular styles is one where she has long loose hair that even from a distance looks touchably soft. Her hair is down to just past her shoulders, and the style has a fringe that ends just above eye level. From the ears down the hair is slightly curled. This style would be best for oval, heart, oblong, and round faces, but you could adapt it to suit other shapes such as a square face...

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Hairstyles are a part of the world of fashion and like many other facets, trends come and go. There are, however, some styles that remain classic and are always in fashion. The short pixie cut is one such hairstyle, and we have seen many stars sporting the look on the red carpet.

The beauty of short pixie cuts is that they are suited to virtually any occasion. Some subtle differences in the cut can also help give you a different look. A soft cut will give you a more casual relaxed look, while a cut resembling a razor’s edge would give you a more chic look. The cut is suited to any hair type from thin to thick, and from straight to curly. They are also great for all face shapes, but are especially suited to round faces.

Pixie Cut

Many people like the pixie cut for its ability to enhance facial fea...

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The world of fashion is created and moved by celebrities. One aspect of fashion that is so much affected by celebrities is hairstyle. There are many people who want to be associated with a particular celebrity and one way of ensuring this is to adopt the hairstyle of the celebrity. Kate Gosselin is one of such celebrities whose hairstyles have lots of influence.

Kate Gosselin is a famous TV talk show host. Her show is known as John and Kate 8 Plus 8. One of the things that came with her fame is her changing hairstyles. This means that there is no one particular hairstyle that can be called a Kate Gosselin hairstyle.

Kate Gosselin

When seen from another perspective, we can say that Kate Gosselin hairstyles are all the hairstyles that she had worn over the years...

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There is always the need to wear a hairstyle to suit the season. Each year sees certain hairstyles topping in the fashion world. This will not be different in 2010. There are hairstyles that will stand out in 2010. This will be a follow up to the trends seen in 2009. Here are some of the expected top hairstyles in 2010.

The Bob Hairstyle
The bob hairstyles will be certainly be en vogue. These are hairstyles that are very versatile and suit all types of faces. All types of hair – thick and heavy, and light and silky can be turned into a bob hairstyle. The bob hairstyle will take the heat off your shoulders especially in the summer.

Bob Haircut styles 2010

Cropped Hairstyles
The cropped hair is another hairstyle that among the top hairstyles in 2010...

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