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If you have a round face, it is doubtless that you’ve heard that no matter what hairstyle you wear, you will always look heavy. This isn’t true. In fact, there are hairstyles that will actually make you appear leaner. Many people have a round face but this doesn’t mean they are heavy or that they are doomed to appear heavy. Here are some hairstyles to try that are perfect for those with round faces.

Curly bob

A curly bob is a great style for anyone who has a round face. This bob has long layers that come down to the chin. The hair is curled loosely and parted on the side. This makes the curls frame the face. Make sure the bangs are off the face, since this, along with the framing curls, will help to lengthen the face...

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Kara DioGuardi hair


Kara DioGuardi always looks fantastic, whether she’s judging on “American Idol” or walking down the red carpet. Kara has a beautifully shaped face, one that many women have so her hairstyles look good on just about anyone. There is no denying that Kara DioGuardi has a great sense of style. She never lets the latest trends take over her good sense about what will look great on her, like some stars do. She truly is a great star to follow if you are someone who likes good, down-to-earth fashion.

Kara DioGuardi Hairstyle

Kara has a beautiful hairstyle where she wears her hair half up. Her hair was pulled back from her face and secured with an elastic and what is still loose is blended in with the lower half of her hair...

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Actress Halle Berry is well known and well loved. This beautiful and talented star has worldwide fame, and there are many who try to emulate her. She always looks put together and is always stylish. Her hairstyles are great, and whether you wear your hair long or short, there is a Halle Berry style that you could easily get and love wearing.

One of her newest styles is a cute, short pixie style. This style would look very flattering on women who have facial structures similar to what Halle has, but it probably wouldn’t be all that flattering on women who have round faces. This hairstyle is cut in very short layers and is shaped around the ears. The bangs are styled with gel to stick up slightly and angle off the forehead...

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The right hairstyle is the difference between looking great and looking like a joke. It does not matter how beautiful you are – if your hairstyle is horrible, that is what will be noticed. Never just choose a hairstyle by just finding the first picture you like or closing your eyes and pointing. You are just about guaranteed to end up with a terrible hairstyle. Always choose a hairstyle based on the shape of your face. This makes it much easier to choose the perfect hairstyle.

Square shaped faces have a very strong and dominant jaw line. What you need to do with your hairstyle is soften that jawline. Using muted layers and rounded hairstyles will soften the sharp edges of your face. You should wear styles that are short to medium in length and that have waves...

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Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is an actress who recently starred in a television program called “One Tree Hill”. This gorgeous girl has a round face. Her hairstyles are easy to maintain and are quite easy to do. Not to mention, her hairstyles can fit on almost everybody. Here, we discuss three Sophia Bush hairstyles.

Sophia Bush Updo Hairstyle

Sophia Bush

For shoulder length hair, you can try to curl your hair in large ringlets. Part your hair on the side and tuck it back behind one ear. Lastly, let your bangs hang on the side of your face. This sassy style can be worn day or night. This would look great on proms and parties. This style is suitable for people with round faces. You can do this in about ten minutes.

Sophia Bush Latest Hairstyle

Sophia Bush Latest Hairstyle

For medium length hair, let your long bangs sweep over one side of you...

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