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Carefree Perm for the Holidays

Perm Hair Idea

If you are thinking of getting a perm for the holiday season it is a good way to have a hairstyle that requires little care and a good choice for the busy holiday season. Some of the different perms available today are the root lift where a perm solution is added only to the roots of the hair. This lifts the roots and adds some body and lift to your hairstyle.

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Short Sexy Pixie Hairstyles for Winter

Victoria Beckham pixie cut

Short Sexy Pixie Hairstyles for Winter

With winter approaching you will be indoors more and the heated air can dry out your hair even more than a blow dryer so if you are up to it get one of the very popular short sexy styles that many actresses are wearing these days. With short hair, your face is emphasized more. The shorter hair becomes like a picture frame around it. With short hair you can have some curls alongside the face and ears so the curls softly frame it. You can give short hair some waves. It can be flipped up at the ends for a sassy look. It can have a pixie look to it and be very sassy or gamin.

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Simple Elegant Hairstyles

The hair style you opt usually changes from one occasion to the other. It is ideal for a women to adept the right hairstyle for the right occasion. If its prom night you definitely will prefer something pomp and glamorous something fresh and sexy but f it’s a formal dinner you would rather go for straight hair or something simple and decent. Your looks will decide your personality and consider them your hallmark. From dressing to the makeover, the most important amongst them is your hair style. It can change entirely the way you appear.

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle, October 2010

Katie Holmes Latest Elegant Hairstyle October 2010

The first thing to perform for a formal look is which hair cut to use. You dress can really help moreover the best option is to go for a cut that fits you face features and cuts...

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Great Hairstyles for a Round Face

Ladies who have a round face generally do not want to add any additional width to their face. The idea is instead to wear hairstyles that compliment the shape of their face. Shorter hairstyles tend to draw attention on the face, which can make it appear much larger than what it is.

Ladies with a round face should consider a layered look in order to draw attention to the length of the face rather than the width. Generally ladies should opt for hair that falls a little above the shoulders. Bob cuts are one stylish option for ladies. A long asymmetrical cut is one great option. Ladies can have long layers on one side and shorter layers on the other side.

Sienna Miller

One important feature is to make sure that the shorter side does not fall above the chin because this can accentuate a round face...

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Sexy Fall Hair Styles 2010

We don’t always think that our hair suffers from heat or sun but it does. Fall is the time to redesign your hair. You might decide to let your hair grow..Read More