Having curly hair can be a pain in the rear. Sure, you see all the stars with their hopelessly immaculate curls that look sooo adorable, but the problem is that most of the time, they don’t have natural curls or they have tamed them to the degree that they are the fat, bouncy curls that don’t get knotty quite as quick as other curls.

Either way, it is quite the pain. But that shouldn’t put you down—there’s loads of things you can do with curly hair to make it look more adorable than it already is! After all, a mane of bouncy beautiful curls gives you a youthful, fun loving persona. Who wouldn’t want that?

1. Barrettes. This might seem a bit confusing, but honestly, all that you have to do is gather your bangs how you would like them, and clip them to the side. Barrettes are also great for capturing a few stray curls that have escaped from a bun—and they add a little bit of femininity to any hairstyle!

Rihanna Summer Curly Hair

2. Buns. Buns work on almost anyone. If you don’t mind straightening your hair, you can create very interesting, multi-textured look. For example, you could sweep all but the forelock of your hair back into a bun and secure it with an elastic ponytail holder, or a scrunchy if you prefer. Then take the forelock and straighten it as much as you possibly can, using your preferred product. (Hair spray can work, but if you’re sweating, it may end up washing away the hair spray and result in more curls.) Then sweep it to the side and secure with a bobby pin or barrette.

3. French braids. French braids work on pretty much any hairstyle. They take a bit of work, but with a little bit of effort, you can take your unruly mane and tame it. French braiding your own hair is difficult, but it can be done. The best way to do so is to watch someone else braiding their hair or someone else’s and visualize the steps. It also might help to look up a tutorial that goes through it step by step and watch at the same time. Once you have it down in your mind, begin to practice. It takes a while to get your braid tight enough to stay all day, but it certainly can be done!


Easy Curly Hair


If you have naturally curly hair, many would consider you to be very lucky. Regardless of whether your hair is long or short, curly hair simply looks awesome on anyone! Not only can curly hair be intricately and uniquely styled, but it can often be left untouched and still form flawless, bouncy curls. Some of the most popular hairstyles for women with curly hair can be seen on our favorite celebrities, and there are many ways we can go about applying easy daily curly hairstyles to our morning routines!

Taylor Swift Curly Hair

Taylor Swift Curly Hair

The easiest hairstyle for curly hair is also one of the most popular. First, you will need to find the type of hair product which suits your curls best. If you want stiff, tight curls, you may want to consider applying a light gel or mousse to your damp hair. If you want loose curls or a funky tousled look, you will want to use a light texture supporting cream. All looks can be achieved with or without the use of a hairdryer. For tighter curls with additional body, however, you will want to attach a diffuser to the end of your hairdryer. Then, you can alternate between the diffuser and hand scrunching in order to achieve your desired look.

Curly Hair

Loose Curly HairKim Basinger

If you want to add a little something to your curly hairstyle, you might consider using chopstick pins or bobby pins as a means of gathering your hair to the back and top of your head. Putting all those curls in one place will look super cute and explosive!


If you have a round face, it is doubtless that you’ve heard that no matter what hairstyle you wear, you will always look heavy. This isn’t true. In fact, there are hairstyles that will actually make you appear leaner. Many people have a round face but this doesn’t mean they are heavy or that they are doomed to appear heavy. Here are some hairstyles to try that are perfect for those with round faces.

Curly bob

A curly bob is a great style for anyone who has a round face. This bob has long layers that come down to the chin. The hair is curled loosely and parted on the side. This makes the curls frame the face. Make sure the bangs are off the face, since this, along with the framing curls, will help to lengthen the face. Big, bouncy curls are best for this style, so when curling your hair, remember that you’ll need to use large hot rollers or a large curling iron.

Long Straight Layers

One of the classic styles for those with round faces is a hairstyle that features long, straight layers. No, you are not doomed to that mousy look from high school. Have your hair trimmed into long layers. Make sure that you have long bangs. Now, wash and dry your hair like normal. Part it on the side, and sweep your bangs over your forehead where they swoop over one eye. Let your hair frame your face. This will lengthen your face and bring attention to one of your best features – your eyes. As long as you keep your hair trimmed and moisturized, it will be shiny and beautiful. Dress it up with some great accessories if you want to in order to really stand out.



Perm is short for permanent wave. A perm is a way to get curly hair without having to do daily heat treatments using hot rollers or curling irons, or going to bed with your hair in rollers. Back in the 1980s, perms were extremely popular, especially ones that had tight curls. Today, perm styles are versatile and you can find one that will suit your personality with little trouble. Perms last 4-6 months, which means a lot of freed up time for women who want to have curly hair but don’t want to have to spend hours curling their hair.

Spiral perms are very much in style for 2010. These perms give a very curly look, without having to spend every morning risking a burn from the curling iron. Spiral perms are known to end up being a disaster, leaving the woman who got it looking like a poodle hit with a lot of static electricity. But if your own natural wave pattern and hair texture is taken into account, and the stylist uses the correct size rods, your hair will turn out to be truly beautiful. Keep in mind that the smaller the rods, the tighter the curls will be, and when your hair grows out, it could look a bit rough if you didn’t take that into account.

Taylor Swift

Big bouncy curls are a great look for 2010. To get big bouncy curls, you’ll want to get a perm where large rollers are used. You could do it yourself, but your best bet is to go to a professional when you want to get any kind of perm. This makes sure that you won’t accidentally end up with a bad style that you then have to spend even more money to get fixed. Getting a perm so that you have big, bouncy curls is a great idea because it frees up at least a half hour in your morning so that you aren’t having to curl your hair with hot rollers or a large curling iron.


One of the most beloved actresses is Drew Barrymore. She is always glamorous, and many love her simple and classy style. She first made her debut in 1982’s “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and has been in many movies since then, including “Charlie’s Angels” and “Batman Forever.” Her hairstyles are easy to mimic and leave any woman looking as beautiful as she can be.

Drew Barrymore

A beautiful and popular style Drew has worn is a long, tousled, curly hairstyle. This style leaves a lot of possibilities wide open, because it can easily become an updo, braid, or just about anything else you can think of. In this style, Drew wears her hair all one length. Her long bangs are styled to fall over one side of her face and then tucked behind the ears. You can also choose to leave your hair long at the sides, and let your bangs frame your face. This style is very simple to do – simply have your stylist give your hair a good trim to make sure it’s all one length. Blow dry and add mousse or other styling products as needed. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to add loose, bouncy curls, sweep your bangs, and you’re ready for the day.

Drew Barrymore Hair

This beautiful style is great for anyone who has thin hair, because if you go with curls you are able to get lots of volume. Make sure you curl your hair close to the roots and you’ll be able to get volume at the top, which will make your hair seem fuller. This hairstyle is good for any shape face, because it’s very flattering and easily adaptable.


Have long hair and looking for that perfect hairstyle? There are many popular hairstyles for long hair and many celebrities are wearing them. One popular hairstyle is that of a sleek yet edgy look. The hair is long, cut in uneven edges with a razor to give it an edgy appearance. This hairstyle frames the face and can be worn with just about any shape of face.

Lauren Conrad Long Trendy Hair

If you are more about curls, then long layered hair can be worn showing off bouncy curls that beautiful and give the impression of a romantic look. The hair can either be parted down the middle or can have a crisscross pattern part to give it a more unique look. Girls with naturally curly hair will find if they use a curling iron with a different size barrel , they can add depth and an interesting look to the curly style.

Dark Long Locks

Kim Kardashian

If you are looking for the latest summer 2010 look, you can create a long, smoothing hairstyle by starting with wet hair and applying a root volume product. Blow dry your hair to one side, letting the hair take on it’s natural curve and curl the ends lightly with a paddle brush. Tuck the other side of the hair behind your ear or secure it with some pins that are hidden right below your ear.

Long Hair Updo

Stacy Keibler

If you have layers in your hair, you can create a hairstyle that is similar to Carrie Underwood’s. First, blow dry hair using a paddle brush and brush the hair back and out with an off center part. Apply hair setters to 6 different sections of the hair that you have divided into 6 sections. To create waves that are natural, a paddle brush can be used if short layers are present.