The most edgy teen hairstyles for guys are steeped in the greatest traditions of “flaunt it while you have it!” Older styles for boy teens were dull, but today you have a variety of options that are more widely accepted!

JB’s Cool Hairstyle:

Justin Bieber’s Trendy Teenage Haircut 2010

Get away from the slicked back greasy looks, and go for hair the ladies can run their hands through. Longer hair is alright, but if you already look really young or have (dare I say) feminine features, then stay away from hairstyles that make you look younger. Use your natural colors this season because 2010 is bringing back the natural highlights and flaunting your natural sexiness...

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If you choose to have a longer hair style in 2010, and you want to compete on the edge of fashion, you will want to experiment with layers. The Fringe (or “bangs”) hairstyle is the leading edge, and you can get away with a longer haircut if you use different angles and highlights in your hair to create drama in your look.

Short Layered Hair 2010

Layered Hair 2010

Let’s face it. This year we are seeing a trend into the Fringe haircuts with their different length and chic bangs. Shorter hair is really taking over the magazines allowing the use of the bangs to be more dramatic! Even men’s haircuts are showing a lean towards the Fringe revolution. But if you are accustomed to your longer hair and don’t want to cut it, we would recommend that you change the levels in your hair.

Long Layered Hair 2010,...

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Latest Hairstyles Trends for Winter

Winter 2010 offers you a prospect to have different hairstyles to go with the changing season. A stylish hairstyle for this winter includes the add-on of bold bangs. With its appeal, a lot of women can be seen with straight, thick and blunt bangs. These suit almost every kind of facial shape and hair length. Although side swept bangs remain famous, the blunt bangs will definitely stand out this season.

Trendy Fringe Hair 2010

Straight Medium Short 2010 Hair

2010 Hair Idea

If you have short hair, you do not need to worry about growing your hair fast as it is in style this season. You can have your hair cut to a shaggy pixie or an inverted bob. If your long hair needs cutting, go for the style that best fits your facial shape. Short hair absolutely rocks winter 2010...

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If you are someone who wants a new haircut and has a long face, then this article will help you in choosing the right hairstyle for you. These are points you should remember when going to the salon to have your hair cut. These can help you enhance your facial features by getting the most suitable hair cut.

Long Face Shape and Long Hairdo

Remember when you have a long face, your hair should be able to make an effect to lessen the oblong look you have. The hair cuts you should be choosing are the ones which add up volume to the sides of your face and refrain from the ones that focus attention on the top of your head.
Bangs can help you attain a more balanced look for your long face...

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Asian Pixie Cut

Asian women are known as some of the most beautiful women in the world. They’re petite, dainty, and have hair that is sleek, straight, and always stylish. Pixie cuts look great on Asian women (even some of the men, such as the J-Rock stars!) and always are guaranteed to attract attention.

Pixie cuts bring out fine features and draw attention to the eyes. They also work perfect for those who have straight hair. This is why they work great for Asians, as they have everything pixie cuts do best with. Pixie cuts range from three inches to as short as half an inch, depending on the person and the area of the hair. These styles are easy to care for and a lot of them are short enough you can just run your fingers through them to style them...

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