Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes

face shape

Now that you have determined the type of facial shape that you have, the right type of make and accessories will just be the icing on the cake. The triangle face shape is someone who has a wide forehead that narrows down from the cheeks to the chin. In order to balance this type of shape, you must create the illusion of a wider jaw and chin and to add some height on the top. In order to move the eye away from the wide forehead, look for styles that will accentuate the eyes and the hair is tucked behind the ears. Off-centre parts can also add to the drama of the hairstyle. The shag style perfect for you, where there is full bangs and it should taper at the jaw. Bangs would look great on women with heart or triangular shapes for it can hide the wide hairline in the forehead.

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Sexy Long Hairstyles for Summer

9th Annual Joshua Tree Music Festival - Day 2

2015 Hot Long Summer Hairstyles

With summer fast approaching, I am positively sure that many of you are out there preparing to hit the outdoors for some scorching hot fun under the sun. With the public and private areas filled to the brim with people, you surely would want to look your very best. This means the right fashion apparels as well as the perfect sexy long hairstyle!

Yes, that is absolutely right. Imagine yourself in a tank top, shorts and flip-flops together with your easy-flowing long hair running along the sandy beaches. It can only mean HOT, HOT HOT.

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Celebrities With Classic Long Hairstyles

Long hair has always been associated with femininity and elegance, so it is no wonder many female celebrities choose to go this route when picking a hair length. Long hair also gives them versatility to do anything from a classic down do to a modern updo. Here are some of the celebrities and a few of their hairstyles that make them look great.

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Prom Hairstyle Idea and Other Prom Tips

prom hair tips 2015

Aside from choosing the right prom dress, there is also a crucial need of attaining the right prom hairstyle. For people who do not like wearing their hair down, an up-do is the thing for you. A hot prom hairdo you can have is the back braid prom hair.

A back braid prom hair is a timeless and alluring hairstyle. Dating back to Cleopatra’s era, the back braid hairdo is easy to do. You can have it done at home with the help of your mother or any relative of yours. Or you can choose your hair stylist to do it for you, whichever way you will have a wonderful outcome. The end result may seem complicated but with careful execution of the following steps, you can achieve the look which can match any prom dress.

Make a smooth ponytail by pulling your hair all the way back and secure it in the middle part of your head. Then leave out a portion to use for braiding later and secure the ponytail into a tight bun securing it in place with the use of bobby pins. Use as many as needed if you hair is thick or does not go with your chosen direction. Grab the small portion and start braiding it. After the braids are done, wrap them around the bun, again secure it with bobby pins. Remember to hide the bobby pins as much as possible to create a seamless look. Use a strong hold hairspray and now you got yourself a hot back braid prom hair.

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Hairstyles for the African American Girls

There are a lot of options when it comes to black girls hairstyles. African American girls will never run out of hairstyles to wear on a daily basis or for formal occasions such as weddings and proms. It’s just a matter of choice. There are black girls hairstyles for naturally curly hair or hair processed with straightening chemicals. There are even hairstyles even for hair permanently devoid of its natural African curls by chemically straightening the hair with hair relaxers

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