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The right hairstyle is the difference between looking great and looking like a joke. It does not matter how beautiful you are – if your hairstyle is horrible, that is what will be noticed. Never just choose a hairstyle by just finding the first picture you like or closing your eyes and pointing. You are just about guaranteed to end up with a terrible hairstyle. Always choose a hairstyle based on the shape of your face. This makes it much easier to choose the perfect hairstyle.

Square shaped faces have a very strong and dominant jaw line. What you need to do with your hairstyle is soften that jawline. Using muted layers and rounded hairstyles will soften the sharp edges of your face. You should wear styles that are short to medium in length and that have waves...

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Many wedding magazines feature brides with beautiful long hair. You may think that you need to grow your hair out long for the perfect style on your wedding day, but this isn’t true. There are many things you can do with short hair that will make your wedding day spectacular.

The versatile bob is a great hairstyle for any bride. You can choose a short bob, angled bob, or one of this year’s newest styles – the long bob. For a short bob, opt for a fun yet classy look. A layered bob with razor cut edges is perfect for the bride that doesn’t want a lot of fuss about her hair, but still wants to look great. You can just use your fingers to style this haircut, and accessories will add all the glamour that you need...

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When I see 70’s shag I automatically think of the carpet that’s become popular in teenager’s rooms or college dorms. And that’s exactly how that hairstyle looks. I can’t really say I’m particularly fond of it, all things considered. It’s cute on some women, and not on others. I remember it on Florence Henderson (she played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch) and it was very cute on her. And it can be made to look quite artistic and pretty if it’s done right.

The short shag consists of layers at the bottom and top of the head, and fringes. It’s always cut short, at least just above the shoulder, if not shorter. Bangs are optional when wearing this hairstyle, but they’re usually worn...

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Anyone who has a round face will tell you – not every hairstyle works. Those with round faces have to be careful when they select a new hairstyle or they could end up looking much heavier than they actually are. Round faces are very pretty, and the perfect hairstyle highlights the round face and makes it even prettier, without accentuating the roundness.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a new hairstyle with a round face is the cut of the hair. Super short styles look great on round faces. A pixie cut can be a good idea, but only if there are some short, spiky layers that will draw attention away from the face. Otherwise, a pixie cut will make a round face look rounder and heavier than it actually is...

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Looking good for prom can be hard, but an elegant hairstyle can be easy! Braiding your hair into a bun can be very flattering to lift the hair away from your face. It can also be a sexy look because it exposes the neckline and shoulders.

Before you raise you hair up, consider your face shape. If you are going to pull the hair up all the way into a bun, then you will want to have an oval or heart shaped face because it will be very flattering. You will also want to have smaller feminine features to accentuate because with larger foreheads or noses, this look will simply but your face out of balance.

If you have a round or elongated face, or you have large features, you can still pull off a braided bun look by adding a side swept bang combination to break up the lines of your face and lessen...

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