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Asian women are always sporting beautiful hairstyles. These styles only get more beautiful as 2010 approaches. The following are going to be great styles for 2010.

One great style will be the bob with side swept bangs. This bob is angled and one side is longer than the other in the back is. The bangs are long enough to come down over the eyes. The hair is parted on the side and the bangs are swept to the side, over one eye. This style will be great for anyone because it would be easy adapt it to any shape face. With the right lengths and layers, this cut would help thin round faces and soften angular ones.

Another great style is long hair with soft waves. The hair is parted on the side and the bangs swept over the forehead...

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People with long faces have a good look because they can use medium and shorter cuts to compensate and balance out their look. This can be achieved with the use of bangs and mid-length haircuts.


A longer face can appear to be shortened by using bangs because you can cover up larger foreheads and naturally draw the eye to the area of the face from the eyebrows to the chin. This is a good look for longer faces because it creates a balanced look. Sara Jessica Parker has a long, thin face and pulls of the long hair look by creating volume on the sides in a wispy fashion. And she cuts her bangs in angled layers that can sweep across her face and blend with her longer hair. This hides her longer facial features and keeps us focused on just her beautiful eyes, thin nose, and diminutive mouth.

Long Face Ponytail


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The fashions for 2010 are centered on versatility. Celebrities are pushing their stylists to give them cuts that will weather the transition from the gym to the street and, with a little extra styling, can get them to the red carpet as well!


Take a look at Kim Kardashian and her long, layered, blonde hairstyle. Her face is a little long and elongated which is perfect for this hairstyle. And her choice of blonde works well with her tanned features. Her look is glamorous no matter what she is wearing or where she is going.

Short Trendy Hairdo For 2010

Trendy Bob 2010

Katie Holmes has most recently been sporting a short, layered, bob cut. This makes Katie look very fashionable and classically youthful...

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There is nothing new when it comes to men’s haircuts because most men will never know what is on the cutting edge of fashion, but if you are one of the elite few, you will be interested in knowing what 2010 holds. And there is a full array of interesting men’s hairstyles out there because this year has been about experimenting in variations on short hair cuts for both sexes. So this year, men’s haircuts have naturally grown in depth and variation.

Great hair equals sexy, new options for men now because while they can keep their hair more masculine and short, the use of bangs has become a popular way to change up styles almost daily. Changing the angles on the bangs alone can change the dramatic effect that is given to the facial features...

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All the latest styles for men, women, boys and girls are heading towards a Fringe revolution! Everywhere you look, the use of bangs is becoming more and more popular and fashionable.

Dark Hair With Bangs 2010

Haircut Style Bangs 2010

The use of bangs was once a simple matter of cutting across the eyebrows to keep a neat look and frame the face. Then it changed as layers became more commonplace in hairstyles because bangs were cut to be a bit longer. They would move with the rest of the hair without being in the way. And now, with the Fringe revolution, we are seeing long and short haircuts that are utilizing the bangs in even more new and beautiful ways.

Long Hairstyle With Bangs 2010

Long Exotic Hair 2010

Probably the most revolutionary ways of using the bangs is shown in the case of some celebrities like Sarah Harding, Katy Holmes,...

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