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Minka Kelly Short Hairdo

The hot summer months bring ice cream, picnics, and short hairstyles! Short hair has many advantages over long hair, though it is not as versatile. Short hair doesn’t require as much maintenance as long hair does, which some women find to be a huge advantage in the summertime when they are hurrying to get outside and have fun. Even if you have a short hairstyle that you have to style, it will only take you a few minutes instead of half an hour or more.

Trendy Pixie Cut For Summer 2010

Carey Mulligan short haircut style

For women who have thinning or fine hair, short hairstyles are the best. These hairstyles bring attention to your face, which is right where you want it, and as long as you add volume to the top of your head, your hair will appear fuller...

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What Will Be Popular Hairstyles This Summer

Popular Hairstyle for Summer

Naturally, the breezy look will be ported to counter the heat. How do you get the breezy and airy hair style? Well for one thing, keep your lengths either short or medium, meaning; pixies, cheek-length, chin-length or at most, shoulder-brush. Shoulder-brushes are not quite the same as shoulder length. Shoulder length hair will completely cover the area of your shoulder bones. Shoulder brushes will just touch the top of your shoulders.

Popular Hairstyle for Summer

The airy look can be achieved by plenty of chopped layers underneath the long stands. Loosely hung hair, in delicate loose curls, will let your head breathe. In addition, the tousled look around a prominent jaw and cheek bone will soften these areas by drawing the attention to the upper center of the face, near the eyes...

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