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Old Hairstyles Comeback


Those old hairstyles from the golden days of Hollywood are starting to surface back onto the celebrities and other individuals throughout the world. Yes, despite what you may believe, there are actually women that are able to pull those old hairstyles off. The old hairstyles give a different and unique, yet well known look to celebrities in today’s age.

So what celebrities are starting to use the old hairstyles? Have you seen Gwen Stefani recently? How about Christina Aguilera? These are two celebrities that seem to be big fans of the old hairstyles. So yes, old hairstyles are coming back, believe it or not.

One of the hairstyles that are the most mimicked on individuals today is the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. You know the short, sexy curly hairstyle that many individuals have been copying for many years now.

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Lovely Asian Hair

asian hair copy

When you think of Asia, you think of great Chinese foods and a beautiful culture. The fact is, many of us do not really know a lot about Asia or its culture. One thing that we do know about is hairstyles and Asian hairstyles are very popular these days. You may be surprised at what you might find within the world of Asian styles.

For the most part, Asians are known to have very straight hair. This makes managing their hair a lot easier. They also have a great amount of natural shine in their hair. If you are looking to get shine such as this, there are products that you can purchase. These products are designed to add intense amounts of shine to your hair. Now, there are also Asian styles that can be considered to be very radical. For Asian women, adding bright colors in their hair is very common. You can see colors such as bright pink or bright blue. The hair will also be cut at different lengths as well as layered. These are styles that you might not see as much when you are visiting the United States. The Asian culture is very different from other cultures. What most might find incredibly strange, the Asian culture might find everything acceptable. The same goes for the fashion world within Asia.

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Classic Formal Hairstyles

classic hairstyle

The three types of formal hairstyles are updos, half up/half down and down. A half up/half down formal hairstyle is also sometimes called a partial updo or half updos, but in truth, it describes even hairstyles where hair is only partly up or mostly up. Majority of half up/half down hairstyle have hair up at the back and down on the sides and front. Several are messy others are neat, while some have plenty of textures, others have none, and some are big and others small.

Hollywood is the best source of inspiration for formal hairstyles. Celebrity icons attend red carpet events in the most fabulous formal hairstyles. Some even have a signature formal hairstyle that they often wear to the red carpet.

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Sexy Long Hairstyles for Summer

9th Annual Joshua Tree Music Festival - Day 2

2015 Hot Long Summer Hairstyles

With summer fast approaching, I am positively sure that many of you are out there preparing to hit the outdoors for some scorching hot fun under the sun. With the public and private areas filled to the brim with people, you surely would want to look your very best. This means the right fashion apparels as well as the perfect sexy long hairstyle!

Yes, that is absolutely right. Imagine yourself in a tank top, shorts and flip-flops together with your easy-flowing long hair running along the sandy beaches. It can only mean HOT, HOT HOT.

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Scene Hairstyles for Modern & Trendy Look

scene hairstyles trends

Scene haircuts are all about the way a person carries it. One can have the most effective scene hair and it actually won’t make any difference if one cannot make the look work great with the scene personality. It is really tough to pin down an ideal scene haircut as typically speaking, there is not really any one particular scene that can define the haircut. Scene people and their hair come in various flavors that generally correspond to the friends they have, clothing they wear, kind of club they go to and the liking in music they have.

The choppy, blunt and shaggy hair is the most common type of a scene haircut in which the scissors is not your mate. It is just like as of the scissors went into the hair with very wild disregard and ended up with an ideal scene haircut. These hairstyles cut across the bangs however never straight.

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