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Many people enjoy coloring their hair. It is a great – and oftentimes cheap – way of completely changing their style, without actually changing their haircut. A blonde can look like a completely different person when she dyes her hair red, while a brunette can become a blonde in minutes. Hair coloring is a big business, and many people dye their hair once a month or whenever the mood strikes them.

There are many ways to mix and match your hair color. You can simply buy a bottle of honey blonde, and have honey blonde hair. Or you can dye your hair dark chestnut, and then add blonde highlights. You can even mix two colors and get a completely new color. One example of this is chestnut blonde hair. Chestnut is a very attractive dark brown hair color...

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Nicole Richie Hair Color

Nicole Richie was born in September 1981. She is an American actress, singer, TV personality, and author. She is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, and is best known for her role in the reality television series, “The Simple Life” on Fox. She starred with her best friend, Paris Hilton. She has also been in “American Dreams,” “Six Feet Under,” and “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.”

Nicole Richie Latest Hairstyle Color is a Beautiful Mahogany Brown

Nicole Richie Latest Hairstyle Color

Nicole is just one of many celebrities who has taken to dyeing her hair. The former blonde has dyed her hair a beautiful mahogany brown. As one of the more natural hair colors, mahogany is an excellent choice if you are going to dye your hair. It is an excelled color for Nicole...

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Short Blonde Hair Summer 2010

Blonde is powerful. Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, and Jayne Mansfield were all blondes. They were also all beautiful successful, and well-loved. Every year the trends for blonde hair changes. Depending on women’s needs, the some blonde shades become more appealing than others. 2010 is seeing some truly beautiful trends in blonde hair, and you should think about experimenting with blonde so you can look fabulous.

Blonde Hair Color Is Always In Trend!

Blonde Ponytail HairStraight Short Blonde 2010 Hair

Platinum blonde is making a huge comeback and it’s easy to see why. Platinum blonde is bright, and that brightness helps to enhance facial features and gives any woman a beautiful, luminous appearance...

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