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Blonde Emo-Scene Hairstyles


Various emo hairstyles have been worn by thousands of teenage boys and girls throughout the years. Because of its increased popularity, a lot of people wanted to try this fashionable look. There are even bands on television that sports the look. Sporting the emo look is all about self expression. You do not have to follow a certain haircut or length just to have an emo hair. But a common element among many emo hairs is the side swept bangs. As far as emo hair is concerned, when you go for fringes that can cover an eye, it is definitely emo.

The most common hair color for the emo look is black. However, in some places we can find numerous blonde emos. Their hair is dyed white with a combination of other colors in different layers. Some have their hair done with a two tone look where the front part of hair is dyed with bright colors. Red, green and pink are just some of the common colors. The other half of the hair, on the back part of the hair, is left blonde. This is a very interesting look as it can go well with any type of hair and face shape.

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Blonde Hair No More: Celebs Who Are Brunettes in 2014

Laura Bailey

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye, which is probably why they try so hard to change their look every now and then. Here are a few celebs that went from blonde to brunette.


This bad girl of pop has been all shades of blonde, but she always comes back around to being a brunette. The best thing about being Rihanna is the fact that she can successfully pull off either color.

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How to Dye Long Hair in 2014

Long Hair Dye

Dying long length hair is renowned for being quite difficult. First of all, with long hair it is very easy to miss bits and get that patchy look if the dye is not applied properly and it is also very easy to underestimate how much dye that you will actually need to cover your whole head of hair from the roots to the tips. If you are looking for a few handy hints on how to best dye your hair, you do not need to look any further.

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The Latest Hair Color Trends for Summer 2013

2013 Hair Color Trends - Shade of Blonde

There are a few surprises among the latest hair color trends for summer 2013 including the stand-out favorite Gray, which is taking the young and chic set by storm. Blonde shades of all types are one of the strongest hair color trends, including platinum is requested quite often for its stunning sleek look. The great look popping up is changing color completely such as going from blonde to brunette all at once. The only consideration with this look is to ensure the new color goes well with skin tone and eye color.

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Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair Color

Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are showing off their style sense with ombre hair coloring. While the look became popular last year, this year the trend continues, and adaptations of the style are being created as well. The traditional ombre coloring consists of medium to dark brown hair from the roots to about mid-length, with blonde the rest of the way down. This is a look that works well with shoulder length or longer hair, but with modifications, ombre coloring on a short do would work also.

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