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2016 Trendy Hair Color Ideas


Hair style trends are constantly changing and evolving. What was popular and considered glamorous in 2015, is not so appreciated for 2016. Give your hair a chance at a makeover to sport one of the trendy hair color ideas below for the year 2016.

Bronde Hair: A Cross Between Blonde and Brunette

If you have ever wanted to create the perfect balance between light and dark,a bronde hair color can achieve that. It is a mixture of brunette and blonde which was a style trend made popular in 2007 by Gisele Bundchen.

The perfect way to achieve this look is by lightening your hair with two different shades. Dye select layers of the hair to create volume and depth to the color. This is an optimal method if you have darker hair and want to add some trendy dimension.

Dip-Dye Color: A Trend For All Ages

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Best Style for Red Hair

red hair color

There are many different hairstyles today and there are different hair colors. Some of those hair colors are natural, but then some of those hair colors are not natural. If you are a blond or a brunette and you have just decided to dye your hair red, then you will need to select the best color that suits you best. Amongst the red hair colors, you will find spice, auburn, cinnamon and more. When you have red hair, you should also make sure you choose eye shadow that is in earth tones such as green, gold, cider, copper, etc.

Amongst the many different hairstyles for women who have red hair, we believe a unique look would be long and straight. However, if you have short hair, then spiking it a bit is very pretty...

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Taking Good Care of Your Black Hair

Black Hairstyle by Imogen Thomas

Keeping your hair healthy, shining, and bright is important since black hair looks the best when it is at its healthiest condition. To keep your hair beautiful and healthy, be sure to: Choose the right shampoo that goes along with your hair texture and types. If you have oily hair, be sure that the shampoo is right for that condition. If you are using conditioner, apply it from the root; don’t immediately put it on the scalp right away. Don’t use too much hair styling equipments. Leaving your hair at the natural state is the best. By doing these, you can certainly have stylish and chic black hairstyles that can really improve your look.

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Long Layered Hair is Super Beautiful

Many people see long hair as super beautiful. While it takes more work to maintain long, beautiful hair than it does short or medium hair, many believe long hair to be well worth the trouble. Layers do wonders for long hair. They add volume, making them perfect for those who have fine hair that is long because the fine hair will appear to be much thicker. Layers are also great for bringing out curls or waves. Layers are always very useful if you have hair that weighs a lot and you need some bulk taken off it.

Any style that uses layers is one that will frame your face and can be very trendy. One beautiful way to wear long hair in layers is to have your haircut in layers, and then use a curling iron to wave your hair.

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Dip Dye Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Dip Dye Hairstyles

Dip Dye hairstyles are still in and are actually a very popular trend that is still a big deal. The color fade is still stronger than ever and if you haven’t already, you need to get up to speed on the best ways to achieve the two-tone in 2014.

Some of the hottest hair trends are still the Dip-Dye hairstyles. Emma Stone and Joan Smalls exemplify this trend and the products borrow from their popularity to push the trend.

You can amplify your chocolate tresses and shades of champagne shades a touch of blonde to accent your hairdo for the summer, and give your non-winter hair a sunny disposition.

It is also the redheads that are leading the way as well, as noted by a certain strawberry blonde from Hollywood who is showing off dramatic color changes this spring.

For s...

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