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Jennifer Garner

If you want to talk about an actress who is always beautiful, then think of Jennifer Garner. This lady can wear her hair with bangs, without bangs, short, or long and look fabulous. If you love bangs, here are a couple of her hairstyles that she looked great in and so can you.

Wavy Bangs

In this style, Jennifer’s hair was to her shoulders and her bangs were cut to just above her eyes. For this luck, trim your bangs to the same length then add loose curls to your hair, close to the ends, with a wide barrel curling iron. Loosen the curls with your fingers if you would rather have waves and then part your bangs three-fourths of the way across (on the side) and let them drift over your forehead. This look flatters any face shape and is very feminine...

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It is head-to-head with Keri Hilson and Rihanna in the battle for the best and most edgy hairstyles on the R&B scene! But while Rihanna dominates the shorter Fringe styles, Keri seems to experiment with multiple lengths. Keri has shown up in pictures with shorter hair and side-swept bangs that give her a sexy look. She has been caught on camera with some very distinct bangs and medium length hairstyles. And she has also gone with cute bobs that elongate her already oval shaped features.

Keri can get away with bobs because of her longer face. Stay away from chin length bob haircuts if you have a round face because you will make your face appear rounder. If you choose to have a cute bob, then cut the bangs shorter...

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