Having curly hair can be a pain in the rear. Sure, you see all the stars with their hopelessly immaculate curls that look sooo adorable, but the problem is that most of the time, they don’t have natural curls or they have tamed them to the degree that they are the fat, bouncy curls that don’t get knotty quite as quick as other curls.

Either way, it is quite the pain. But that shouldn’t put you down—there’s loads of things you can do with curly hair to make it look more adorable than it already is! After all, a mane of bouncy beautiful curls gives you a youthful, fun loving persona. Who wouldn’t want that?

1. Barrettes. This might seem a bit confusing, but honestly, all that you have to do is gather your bangs how you would like them, and clip them to the side. Barrettes are also great for capturing a few stray curls that have escaped from a bun—and they add a little bit of femininity to any hairstyle!

Rihanna Summer Curly Hair

2. Buns. Buns work on almost anyone. If you don’t mind straightening your hair, you can create very interesting, multi-textured look. For example, you could sweep all but the forelock of your hair back into a bun and secure it with an elastic ponytail holder, or a scrunchy if you prefer. Then take the forelock and straighten it as much as you possibly can, using your preferred product. (Hair spray can work, but if you’re sweating, it may end up washing away the hair spray and result in more curls.) Then sweep it to the side and secure with a bobby pin or barrette.

3. French braids. French braids work on pretty much any hairstyle. They take a bit of work, but with a little bit of effort, you can take your unruly mane and tame it. French braiding your own hair is difficult, but it can be done. The best way to do so is to watch someone else braiding their hair or someone else’s and visualize the steps. It also might help to look up a tutorial that goes through it step by step and watch at the same time. Once you have it down in your mind, begin to practice. It takes a while to get your braid tight enough to stay all day, but it certainly can be done!

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