One of the most attractive looking hairstyles if anyone can enjoy is the shag cut. The hair is so beautifully cut in different layers and as it moves up the hair gets shorter on the crown. If you want to do it yourself you can, with the assistance of somebody. The shag haircut can surely turn a lot of eyes on you and win you many secret admirers.

The shag haircut can be found common in both men and women and it is suited to short, medium and long haircuts. So men and women can try the shag in different ways except that it should look more suited to the gender.

Just look at your

self in the mirror and decide what length of hair you would like to maintain. Some faces may look smart and handsome with the short shag while others may look better with the long shag.


In case your friend is going to do the shag for you, then he/she must be careful enough to start using the razor in small bits so they haven’t cut too much to make the shag a disaster. The hair around the crown area is cut short enough while moving down the sides and backside of the head, the strands are kept longer. This is how the hair is cut in layers.

To have good looking shag it is vital that one has grown his/her hair properly. You need a good amount of hair length for trimming it in layers to achieve this hairstyle. The hair on top stands up when cut short compared to the layers which are longer. The standing hair adds to the beauty of this hairstyle. Men who want to keep bangs can keep them covering their forehead or even have them cut off depending upon personal choices.

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