Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress who has won numerous awards. She has played in films such as “Se7en” and “Shakespeare in Love” and she is also the face of Estee Lauder’s Pleasures perfume. This talented actress is a well-known role model and is much loved around the world. She has a great sense of style, and her fashion is copied by many women. Her hairstyles are always very flattering and are also easy to copy.

One of the most popular hairstyles this season is still the bob. The bob has come a long way from the blunt cut style of the past and has evolved into a hairstyle that is versatile, fun, and can be worn by any woman because it is so easy to adjust to suit any shape face. Gwyneth is no exception and she looks wonderful in the long bob she wore for the last trip down the red carpet. Her hair is cut to a medium length, just above her shoulders, and is parted just off center. Loose waves are in her hair from the eyes down, and the ends curl under towards her. The effect is slimming, flattering, and very beautiful.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hair

This is an easy style for any woman to get and just as easy to maintain. If you have shorter hair but want something similar, then when your hair is about the length of your jaw, have it cut into a bob. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to curl your hair from the eyes down and use your fingers to loosen into waves. The longer your bob the better this style is going to look. Keep it shoulder level and above to have a true bob haircut and feel free to wear bangs if you need to minimize your forehead.

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