One very important part of men’s fashion that most men don’t pay enough attention to is hairstyles. A good hairstyle can make any man look good, and all men need to have a good hairstyle in order to look professional and for people to take them seriously. In fact, if your hairstyle is too childish, wild, or just plain boring people will think that you are the same way. One great style that has carried over into the 2010 fashion year is the fringe haircut.

There are a wide variety of lengths for the fringe this year. No matter what your face is shaped like, you will be able to get a fringe haircut that will look great and will go with your outfits. Yes, you can wear a fringe with that brand new business suit just as easily as you can wear it with jeans. The back and sides are shorter, but make it all your own by adjusting the fringe itself. A cropped fringe looks more edgy, and may be too severe for some businesses or even for some men’s facial shapes. A nice side swept fringe where the hair is swept over the forehead and kept out of the eyes is a nice look for any man in any business and won’t get you stared at by older employees.

Jake Gyllenhaal Hair

Texture is the main thing with this fashion trend. Texture can be added by your stylist using a razor if you want, and your hair can be cut in layers (very useful if you have thin or fine hair!) Or you can let your hair naturally curl – just be sure to control those curls so you don’t look like you’ve slept all night in curlers. You want just enough curl to provide an interesting texture. Gel is a great way to texture your hair and will allow you to do tons of things with a fringe haircut.

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