Not only are androgynous hairstyles becoming popular amongst many celebrities, but they are also becoming popular amongst American youth. Many women are deciding to “go Andro” as a means of adding a little spice and mystery to their everyday look.
Many people think that getting an androgynous haircut will make women appear more masculine. As a result, they shy away from an androgynous look. However, many women find that receiving an androgynous hairstyle only makes others become hypersensitive to their overall femininity. An androgynous hairstyle says that you feel comfortable in your body. Additionally, an Andro haircut will allow you to radiate confidence, especially if you have the personality to suit it.

For women, androgynous hairstyles are usually short and boyish. These cuts can be rugged or well-groomed depending on the individual’s personal style. If you want a rugged look, you may want to go with a shaggy Justin Bieber cut, which flows over the forehead and is cut just above the ears. If you’re looking for something a little more professional or well-groomed, you may want to choose a short cut with a side part. If you really want to tidy up your look, you may want to consider adding a little gel or pomade hair product to your style.
The best part about short, Andro hairstyles is that they will accentuate the features on your face. These cuts are a great way to highlight the feminine curves in your cheek bones. Additionally, short hair allows you to reveal a delicate neck and shoulders.

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