In this day and age, it is important to have a classy hairdo regardless of what your occasion might be. After all, you never know if your new boss plans on shopping at your local supermarket on any given day. Therefore it’s important to be prepared for whatever might come along. There is an array very popular 2010 simple elegant hairstyles for all occasions, many of which you might see on your favorite celebrity.

Natalie Imbruglia Simple Hairstyle

One popular option, which looks fantastic for all occasions, includes the simple, half updo. These hairstyles are easy to create, and can be even more fun to manipulate! All you have to do is put the top half of your hair up, while letting the rest hang loose. After this accomplished, you can add your favorite clips for decoration. You might even decide to straighten or curl your gorgeous locks, which will bring some extra attention to your hairdo. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring!

Audrina Partridge Simple Elegant Hairdo

Audrina Patridge Simple Elegant Hair

The most popular option includes the standard ponytail. Simply put your hair up and tie it with your favorite color hair tie, clip, or ribbon. This look can be very versatile, as you can choose to have a loose ponytail, or a pony tail which is slicked back on top using product and hairspray. If you do choose to do a sleek ponytail, be sure to use the right product in order to prevent frizzing. Furthermore, bangs can add a little more personality to the ponytail look, so might choose to cut your bangs in order to frame your face shape.

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