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If you are looking to reinvent yourself or try something new and exciting, you might consider altering the length of your hairstyle. Changing hairstyle length can be a fantastic way of altering the overall look and perceived personality of a person. A short, pixie-style haircut is likely to immediately make you appear more sophisticated, distinguished, and sassy. A long-length cut, on the other hand, suggests passiveness and charm. A hairstyle can say quite a bit about an individual’s personality, which is why so many people begin major life changed with a drastic hair cut.

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Furthermore, hairstyle lengths are prone to change depending on what season you are in. During wedding season, long hair may be ideal for updos. However, many people choose to have short hair during the warm months because it helps keep them feeling cooler. Additionally, short hair is relatively low maintenance, so if you’re always in the go, a shorter hairstyle may be right for you.

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Whether you decide to go with long or short hair, your decision is easily reversible. If you currently have short hair but miss sporting your long locks, you might consider hair extensions or a full on weave. These hair pieces can be put in by your hairdresser, and are a great way of extending your hair length. We often see celebrities who have received hair weaves in order to play characters in television and movies. This option is also fantastic for those who are too impatient to wait for their natural hair to grow back out.

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