For many people, Homecoming is among the best nights of their lives. However, in order to fully enjoy yourself, you will want to look and feel exquisite on your special night. After you find the perfect dress, you will want to decide on a hair style which will follow suit. You should spend a good amount of time imagine how various types of up-dos and down-dos will look. Some important factors to take into account when deciding on hairstyle include the neckline of your dress and the shape of your facial structure. These are the two biggest factors which should determine which type of hairstyle you go with for the big night.

Zoe Saldana

Ciara’s Homecoming Hair Idea 2010


In order to pick out the perfect hairstyle, you should consider some of the most popular homecoming night hair ideas. First, if you want to elongate a wide or round face, you may want to go with a down-do or a style that is half down. This will allow you to frame your face, which if done correctly, will help it to appear thinner. Complete up-dos are always a popular, safe choice for homecoming. Depending on how comfortable you are with the bone structure of your face, you can choose to have your up-do cling tightly to your head, or you can have a do with loads of curls exploding with vibrancy.

Another popular and unique idea for homecoming hair includes the use of barrettes or clips. Finding the perfect accessories to clip in your hair will complete your look. Plus, you will get bonus points of the hair accessories match your dress!

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