There are many long, simple, loose hairstyles which can be created with nothing more than a little hair product. If you want a natural, tousled look, simply towel dry your hair and add a little moistening product or mousse to keep your hair from drying out. Alternatively, you can blow dry your hair on medium to low heat in order to get results more quickly. After your hair is dry, add a touch of hairspray and enjoy the rest of your day!

In this generation, long, loose hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do we see them amongst celebrities, but we commonly see them on college campuses. Since the casual, bohemian look is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable means of dressing; loose hairstyles, which greatly compliment bohemian attire, are growing in popularity. Furthermore, they are easy to create and even easier to maintain. After all, if your hair gets looser and becomes more tousled, you are only getting closer to your desired look!

Laura Bell Bundy

Loose hairstyles are most easily attainable with hair that is slightly layered. The layers in the hair will allow your desired style to have more body, and will keep your hair from flattening out or losing its natural wave. Loose hairstyles also look trendy when put up into ponytails or clips. Simply dangle a few stray strands of hair along the front and sides of your face, and you’ve got yourself a trendy, yet casual hairdo. Many will agree that simple, loose hairstyles are the easiest way to manage long hair.

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