If you have a round face, it is doubtless that you’ve heard that no matter what hairstyle you wear, you will always look heavy. This isn’t true. In fact, there are hairstyles that will actually make you appear leaner. Many people have a round face but this doesn’t mean they are heavy or that they are doomed to appear heavy. Here are some hairstyles to try that are perfect for those with round faces.

Curly bob

A curly bob is a great style for anyone who has a round face. This bob has long layers that come down to the chin. The hair is curled loosely and parted on the side. This makes the curls frame the face. Make sure the bangs are off the face, since this, along with the framing curls, will help to lengthen the face. Big, bouncy curls are best for this style, so when curling your hair, remember that you’ll need to use large hot rollers or a large curling iron.

Long Straight Layers

One of the classic styles for those with round faces is a hairstyle that features long, straight layers. No, you are not doomed to that mousy look from high school. Have your hair trimmed into long layers. Make sure that you have long bangs. Now, wash and dry your hair like normal. Part it on the side, and sweep your bangs over your forehead where they swoop over one eye. Let your hair frame your face. This will lengthen your face and bring attention to one of your best features – your eyes. As long as you keep your hair trimmed and moisturized, it will be shiny and beautiful. Dress it up with some great accessories if you want to in order to really stand out.

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