Being chosen to be a bridesmaid in a wedding is a great honor and women should make sure that they look their best. Some brides have a certain style that they want all of their bridesmaids to wear. Other brides allow the women to choose their own various styles.

Many bridesmaids like to wear an updo for the formal occasion. This is a good choice because it is very appropriate. Soft curls pinned up in a bun are popular and very attractive hairstyles. For those bridesmaids that have been instructed to pin flowers or decorations in their hair this style also makes it easy to add any necessary accessories. Ladies with longer hair may want to leave a few curls down in the back or on the side to add a little flair to the elegant look. Some women even opt for a tightly curled, slicked back ponytail or bun, which can also look very good.

For those ladies who prefer to wear their hair down they may want to go with loose cascading curls that fall gently down their shoulders and back. They can use curling irons or for tighter and perhaps longer lasting curls, they can use rollers to achieve the big curls.

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