Megan Fox is the envy of women everywhere. She’s beautiful, talented, and has hair to die for. The Transformers star is a natural beauty but you make that beauty your own with these simple steps.

Wash your hair as usual, using color safe conditioner and shampoo if you need it. To help bring out your hair color, try a color hair mask that suits your color.

To promote shine, rinse your hair in cool water and then just towel blot. You’ll break your hair and tangle it if you rub roughly. Add defrizzer, and a volume building mousse or gel to help control your hair all day. Use what your hair requires!

Megan Fox

Blow dry your hair and use a round bristle brush. Starting at the roots, work your way to the ends of your hair to keep it smooth and shiny. Scrunch it at the roots with fingers and use the brush to curl ends under. Set your hair with a quick cold air blast (if your blow dryer is capable of it.)

When hair is dry, roll 2-inch sections in a medium curling iron or rollers. This way you’ll have lots of bounce and if you need to touch up curls at the ends, use a small iron. There you go!

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