Women aren’t the only ones who want hair that is sexy and trendy. For men who want a great style, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is a great choice to look to. Simply tell the hairdresser you want a haircut like Ronaldo and they will know exactly what you mean. Even so, take a picture so they know which cut you want.

One very popular style Cristiano wears is a short, spiky cut. This is for you if you like short hair but want a modern twist to the basic short cut. Have your hair layered and you’ll find it has more volume and will allow you to easily dress your hair up or down. Use gel to make the spikes and apply with your fingers. This easy look is wonderful on most men.

Cristiano Ronaldo hair

The second very popular style is a razor cut. For those who like medium length or shorter hair, this style is ultra modern. Make sure you have a pro do it because razors are extremely sharp and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can damage your hair. Have medium and long layers and the stylist will use the razor to add texture while cutting your hair in an arch around your ears. Wax or pomade will style your hair for you. Another simple style that’s great on most men.

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