Reality television mom Kate Gosselin has certainly been in the news a lot. It was no surprise that she decided to go and get a new hairstyle after the chaos she has been through. Many women decide to get a new haircut after finding out their husbands cheated on them, and after all that and a divorce she deserved a new hairstyle.

In January Kate debuted a style where she had extensions. Everyone has gotten use to Kate’s short style so seeing her with beautiful long hair came as a shock to many. Yet Kate looked fantastic. Her extensions took her hair down past her shoulders while her bangs were cut to just above her eyebrows. Her hair was parted on the side, with her bangs swept across her forehead. The look was very flattering but didn’t seem to suit Kate’s personality. The curl in her hair was cute and bouncy, and while the style was sexy, it probably wasn’t really suited to a mother of eight’s lifestyle.

Kate Gosselin Hair

Indeed, in February she changed her hair yet again. She had her hair cut to just brush the tops of her shoulders. The haircut is choppy but shows off her highlights beautifully. It’s flattering and seems more suited to her age and lifestyle, which makes it even more sexy on her. Her hair is parted off-center and her bangs are swept across her forehead. Her layered hair is framing her face, and the look is pretty and simple. It would be much easier to style than her previous long, curly hair and the curls are almost completely gone.

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