Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Nicole Scherzinger is the well-loved lead singer of the successful group, The Pussycat Dolls. She is as well-known for her beautiful style and looks as she is for her gorgeous singing. Nicole is a beautiful woman, and this is just enhanced by the great hair that she has.

Nicole Scherzinger Hairstyle

Nicole Scherzinger hair

Nicole has very long, very thick black hair. It’s all natural! She keeps her hair conditioned and healthy, which helps to bring out the natural luster that her hair has. Her natural highlights are a beautiful bluish, silver, or deeper black, depending upon the light that she is in. Nicole’s hair is parted in the middle and then straightened with a flat iron to give it that sleek appearance. She lets a bit of her hair fall over one shoulder while the rest falls down her back. This gives her an elegant look that is suitable for any event at any time. Smoothing serum or shine serum can be used to make her hair excellent. This look is incredible, versatile, and believe it or not, easy to duplicate.

To get hair like Nicole’s you need very long hair. You can get away with medium length hair, but the longer the better for this look! Wash and dry your hair. Use conditioner to make sure your hair will be able to handle the heat of a flat iron but if you have fine hair, avoid leave in conditioners, because these will weigh your hair down. If you need it, add mousse to help your hair stay where it’s supposed to. Part your hair in the middle, and use the flat iron to straighten your hair from the roots to the tips. Let some of it fall forward over your shoulder, but keep the rest back. Add smoothing shine serum to get that sleek, shiny look.

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