Shaggy hairstyles are making a fast comeback. They started creeping back into the spotlight in 2009, and now in 2010 they are as popular as ever. Many celebs are now starting to wear shags, such as Lisa Rinna. The shag hairstyles may seem messy, but they are classy and sexy. Shags are very easy to maintain, and if you prefer longer hair, you can have a shaggy hairstyle in any length that you want.

Shag hairstyles are perfect for women or men who have busy lives. There is not much styling to do, yet the hairstyles show off a bold, confident, and funky attitude. Many times shag hairstyles are cut in layers, but it depends on the kind of shag that you want how the layers are worked into your hair, and even the types of layers. For example, a sexy short shag will have several layers framing your face with a few more to add volume to the back. The layer that is furthest from the crown of your head is usually the longest and gives a sleek and flowing appearance to your shag.

Lisa Rinna shag haircut style

When you have a shag hairstyle, you have a hairstyle that is very versatile. You can adjust your hairstyle to suit your own personality. Add highlights or lowlights to add shine and some depth to your hairstyle. You can have long strands that will caress your face – this is perfect for a square face, as it minimizes the harshness of the square shape while being extremely pretty and feminine. Lots of volume means that those with fine hair will be able to enjoy fuller looking hair. You can even add extra volume with volumizing hair spray or use gel and slick your hair down for a good office style.

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