Pretty braids are very much in style for the year 2010. Braids are an attractive, classic look that is are as convenient as they are beautiful. Braids are complementary on any woman, and they can be suited for all occasions. You can’t go wrong with braids. You can add accessories such as ribbons, clips, and decorative hairpins if you want, or you can just let your lovely braid do the talking.

One great style is a long, loose side braid. For this style, you will need hair that is long enough to fall over one shoulder when it is braided. Leaving your bangs loose, pull the rest of your hair back and to the side. Make a loose braid and allow it to drape down over your shoulder. Sweep your bangs down and to the side, letting the ends join the braid. If your hair is flyaway or seems too loose, relax. That is how this style should look. It’s a very relaxed style that is attractive, and perfect for any casual occasion. Thanks to the fact that it has the sweeping bangs and the face framing braid, this look is good for any shape face.

If you have a more formal occasion that you need to attend, you can wear a fishtail braid. This braid is perfect for medium or longer hair, and is extremely attractive. Pull all of your hair back. The fishtail braid starts at the base of the neck. It gets narrower as it reaches the ends of your hair, and also looks tighter. You can easily weave a ribbon into your hair with this style of braid, or add clips to hold your bangs back. It’s a great look for semi-formal, formal, or casual events depending on the event and how you need to dress up.

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