Cheryl Cole is a beautiful woman who is no stranger to public scrutiny. She understands that being in the public eye will mean that she’ll always face the fashion critics who are waiting in the wings. However, many people agree that Cheryl has absolutely beautiful hairstyles, and she always looks sexy no matter what she is doing.

Cheryl Cole’s Long Locks

In one of her beautiful styles, she wears curls that go past her shoulders in flowing ringlets. If you desperately want this style, but your hair is much too short, then you can get extensions. Cheryl herself has gotten extensions, in order to get extra body in her hair. There is no shame in getting hair extensions if you really want a certain style! After you wash your hair, add sculpture lotion because it will work better than mousse where hold is concerned. Part your hair on the left side, divide the rest in sections, and then use a paddle brush while you blow dry and smooth your hair.

Cheryl Cole’s Big Wavy Hair

To get great curls you should use medium-sized hot rollers or a curling iron. Medium-sized ones will give give you the best set of curls. The key is to curl all the way up to the hair root. Once your curls have cooled, you can use your fingers to separate them into the waves that you want, and then you just have to add some hairspray to keep everything in place. Clips can be perfect if you need to keep your bangs back, otherwise you can just let them sweep across your forehead.

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» jenna said: { Jul 21, 2010 - 09:07:38 }

Cheryl is my idol! She has the most beautiful hair, especially when it’s curly.

Having naturally straight hair, I am always looking for the best tips and advice for curling my hair. These steps offered here are really useful. Goody Hair Care also has some brilliant tips on their blog, definitely easy to follow!

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