The right hairstyle is the difference between looking great and looking like a joke. It does not matter how beautiful you are – if your hairstyle is horrible, that is what will be noticed. Never just choose a hairstyle by just finding the first picture you like or closing your eyes and pointing. You are just about guaranteed to end up with a terrible hairstyle. Always choose a hairstyle based on the shape of your face. This makes it much easier to choose the perfect hairstyle.

Square shaped faces have a very strong and dominant jaw line. What you need to do with your hairstyle is soften that jawline. Using muted layers and rounded hairstyles will soften the sharp edges of your face. You should wear styles that are short to medium in length and that have waves. Bangs are also very useful in softening your face. Side-swept fringes with long layered waves will help. Make sure that your hair falls to the tops of the shoulders or just above the jaw line.

Mandy Moore has sqare face shape

Don’t wear hairstyles that are long and straight because this will bring out your jawbone and make your face seem even more square, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Also avoid straight cut bangs, all one length hairstyles, and center partings, as these will emphasize your square shaped face. Instead of wearing a straight bob that ends at the jaw line, wear a layered bob that ends either just above or just below the jaw line. Make sure you add height to the crown of your head, bangs, and get some roundness and you’ll look beautiful.

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