Shag Hairdo


When I see 70’s shag I automatically think of the carpet that’s become popular in teenager’s rooms or college dorms. And that’s exactly how that hairstyle looks. I can’t really say I’m particularly fond of it, all things considered. It’s cute on some women, and not on others. I remember it on Florence Henderson (she played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch) and it was very cute on her. And it can be made to look quite artistic and pretty if it’s done right.

The short shag consists of layers at the bottom and top of the head, and fringes. It’s always cut short, at least just above the shoulder, if not shorter. Bangs are optional when wearing this hairstyle, but they’re usually worn. It’s usually made to strategically look messy and careless; it’s supposed to look like you just rolled out of bed and kept going. You can refine it with styling products and styling tools, but mussing it a little and walking off looks best. Lisa Rinna pulls this look off perfectly.

Aside from wearing it short, the shag can also be worn medium length or loose and long. Shag isn’t about the length of your hair; it’s about the attitude behind the hair. Farrah Fawcett made the long shag envious and very popular back in the 70’s. Everyone wanted that carefree, sexy look that seemed to define her. But she showed us that the hair doesn’t make the attitude; your attitude makes your hair.

If you’re going to wear a shag hairstyle, make sure to mess it up on occasion. This takes less than two minutes. Just flip over at the waist, ruffle it, and go about your business.