Perm is short for permanent wave. A perm is a way to get curly hair without having to do daily heat treatments using hot rollers or curling irons, or going to bed with your hair in rollers. Back in the 1980s, perms were extremely popular, especially ones that had tight curls. Today, perm styles are versatile and you can find one that will suit your personality with little trouble. Perms last 4-6 months, which means a lot of freed up time for women who want to have curly hair but don’t want to have to spend hours curling their hair.

Spiral perms are very much in style for 2010. These perms give a very curly look, without having to spend every morning risking a burn from the curling iron. Spiral perms are known to end up being a disaster, leaving the woman who got it looking like a poodle hit with a lot of static electricity. But if your own natural wave pattern and hair texture is taken into account, and the stylist uses the correct size rods, your hair will turn out to be truly beautiful. Keep in mind that the smaller the rods, the tighter the curls will be, and when your hair grows out, it could look a bit rough if you didn’t take that into account.

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Big bouncy curls are a great look for 2010. To get big bouncy curls, you’ll want to get a perm where large rollers are used. You could do it yourself, but your best bet is to go to a professional when you want to get any kind of perm. This makes sure that you won’t accidentally end up with a bad style that you then have to spend even more money to get fixed. Getting a perm so that you have big, bouncy curls is a great idea because it frees up at least a half hour in your morning so that you aren’t having to curl your hair with hot rollers or a large curling iron.

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