Side bangs are becoming extremely popular. These sexy bangs suit any length hair, and are especially good for those who have oval or heart-shaped faces. Side bangs are not full bangs. They are fringes that can be long or short, but are always angled across the forehead and down the side of the face. It’s a great look for any woman.

Celebrities such as Jennie Garth wear side swept bangs. Jennie wears a shoulder length hairstyle in large waves, which help to show off the layers in her hair. It also helps to keep her hair soft all over. She added side swept bangs which looked sexy and were the perfect complement to her look. If you want to have this same style, have you hair cut in layers. Medium and longer hair is what you need for this style. You will need up to 2 hours of time to complete this look, because you will need to use a curing iron or hot rollers and let them set, tease your hair, pin it, and spray it. Gel or mousse can also be used if you prefer to keep your hair in place. Curl your hair, sweep your bangs to the side, and once you are done, your hairstyle will last in any weather.

Actress Jessica Alba is another star who wears beautiful side swept bangs. She has her bangs cut to just below her eyes and then they taper to her ear. Her medium length hair is parted on the side and the bangs are swept across her forehead. This is the perfect kind of bang for those who want full bags without the worry of growing them out later when you need to. To get the great style that Jessica wears, have your hair cut in jagged layers; don’t worry, the side swept bangs will make the look softer. Add mousse to damp hair, blow dry each section straight and use hot tongs on the mid lengths and the ends. Take them out, add wax in each section, and use smoothing shine and hair spray for hold.

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